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Does XM radio have too many commercials for a subscription service?

Asked by jballou (2118points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Hmmm. I only notice commercials when my daughter gets in the car and switches it over to Radio Disney. I’m not the most adventurous XM user however, I only listen to about 4 or 5 channels though.

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No. I’ve had XM for a few years now. The vast majority of the channels are commercial free. Sirius advertises that all their channels are commercial-free. What they don’t tell you is that XM has more commercial-free stations than they have total stations.
@Standswithacane- Have your daughter switch stations from 115 to 116. That’s XMKids. It’s so much better than RadioDisney and it’s commercial-free.

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good to know, I listen to the stand up comedy channel and it has more commercials then regular FM radio. I was started to get really annoyed and even considered cancelling my service until they gave me 3 free months of service

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We have both.

I get pretty annoyed at the commercials. Especially the Sirius “Blue Collar Comedy” where they have adult toy shop ads. Really annoying when you want to listen to it with kids in the car and you have to turn it off to avoid being asked the questions….

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astrochuck , I’ll give that a try but my daughter can be fairly persuasive. Anything to escape RD.

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Any is too many for a subscription service.

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Cable TV has way too many commercials for a subscription service.

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If a few commercial channels keep the subsciption price down, then so be it. I think there are five comedy channels, so if there’s an ad on one, I just jump to another. You can always block those channels with ads and then act like they don’t even exist. Most of the music channels with commercials are light rock. There are several other light rock non-commercial ones to listen to. The vast majority of channels are ad free. I love my XM!

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I don’t listen to any stations that have commercials – if I’m going to pay for a subscription, I don’t want to hear that crap. So I change the station.

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I think only one station I actually listened to had commercials… although in a messed up twist, it was the really popular pop music station… kind of brutal. If I wanted commercials, I’d listen to the regular radio.

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Loved and agree with this answer:
Any is too many for a subscription service.

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