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How should I treat my stepmother?

Asked by ChaosDustbunny (7points) April 19th, 2014

Currently I’m a junior in high school, and my dad is planning on getting married. My soon to be stepmom was my childhood favorite adult woman, and she used to be friend with both my parents. My biomom performed her wedding ceremony to her ex-husband, which I was the ring bearer at, but that marriage didn’t last. Now that my parents are finally finishing the divorce (it’s been going on for 3 years now and I’m so thankful for it ending), my dad and my stepmom want to finally settle down.
Ever since I was little my stepmom has treated me as her own daughter, and loved me as such. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to trear her now that she’s going to actualy be my stepmom. I mean, she’s helped me through alot, but how do I treat her?

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Treat her with respect and love. The rest will flow naturally.

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It sounds like you’re well on your way to a great relationship. Why change anything?

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You’re both still exactly the same people, just with different labels or titles. How lovely for you two and for your dad.

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Just relax, go easy, and most of all talk. If you have questions like this just ask her. It sounds like you are great together. If you are unsure of something, just ask. And keep your Dad in the loop on what’s going on. I’m not big on family meetings, but it might not hurt at the start. She probably has the same questions you do. How about rules and discipline? How will that be handled? Chores, what does she expect? Communication is the key.

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Nothings changing except the titles as mentioned above. You sound like a really together young person, I wouldn’t worry a bit. Just treat her as you always have, as a friend and someone who has been a source of caring in your life.

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I’m a step-mom (I’m divorcing the dad, but me and my step son have a good relationship and he chooses to stay with me often and his own biological mother has a very busy social and work life.). I didn’t have the advantage of knowing what my step son was like, other than knowing he was autisic and beautiful.

I think it is great that the two of you already have a really good relationship. Count that as a major bonus going ahead. Treat her how you always have treated her and no need to put any undue pressure or expectations on each other. You’re going to be a grown woman soon and it sounds like she will continue to be a good friend and mentor in your life. She’s been family for a long time already. Treat her as family.

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Apparently the OP has left. Her account seems to be disabled.

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