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Why isn't this person in the video just answering the questions?

Asked by flo (10481points) April 19th, 2014

Are the questions unreasonable? He seems sober, but why the hostility and rudeness? Why the disdain? What is the problem according to Beiber?
(Edit to add) Here video.

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Ok. What video?

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He’s a miserable arrogant cocksucker. Can we send him back to Canada?

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For sure I would have thought this is a case of obstruction of justice. But what has he been telling and himself and his friends as his defence for acting that way? This is my question really.

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He’s spent ½ his life (all his adult life) with the ability to fire anyone that doesn’t tell him “Yes”. Would you expect him to act differently, and do you really think he has friends that question his actions? I suspect his life is his own private reality show, where the only things that come across his radar are things that extoll his virtues.

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@flo I can’t tell you what’s going through his head. Clearly he thinks he’s above answering the questions. I don’t think the questions were out of line. But like @ibstubro said, he lives in his own private world.

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@Adirondackwannabe and @ibstubro
But even so, even if his people all never say no to him, ...isn’t that is true of other stars as well? This is beyond beyond. He seems so sinciere that he feels so hard done by.

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The way I understand it he went from the wrong side of the tracks to multi-millionaire almost overnight. And at what, 13 yo? Child stars have been notorious for acting out and/or dying as they grow into adults. How many people people do you suppose have questioned his activities since he became 18?

And yes, I do think it’s true of other stars as well. The difference is that actors are under constant direction, or they don’t work, and most stars are older and work harder for success.. Look at the hideous mess Micheal Jackson became, and he had a large family ‘in the business’. I find Miley Cirrus’s behavior much more surprising, as she was raised in the business. Billy Ray did a really crappy job of raising that young woman.

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Is this a video??? A video?? Is this a video?? Beebs is a spoiled tool nuf said.

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@ibstubro There is horror shows like Chris Brown et al, so I’m not pointing Beiber as the worst. Just trying to get ....I’m just not expressing it.
@Cruiser I didn’t watch the whole video but I think there was one where he said ”This is a film? ....” too.

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@flo Freaky and sad.

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@Cruiser Very.

Maybe he is asking himself what about the Important Persons Act?
What is that about anyway?

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We’re not disagreeing, @flo, from my perspective.

I think, in his world, he’s justifiably outraged that someone is questioning his actions. It seems to me that Beiber has raised himself in Beiberland. He’s the first and truest ‘Beiliber’.

Is Macaulay Culkin a syndrome yet? If so, apply liberally.

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@ibstubro Okay.

Please someone explain what Important Persons Act is about?

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