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What is a fair price for a solid juicer?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1649points) April 19th, 2014

Any recommendations for brand or type?

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I am in the third week of a 30 day cleanse where I have a juice every morning for breakfast. I had never juiced before. I got this one and it seems to be working great.
I chose it because of the amazon reviews.

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Something else I wanted to ask, if I make several servings at once and want to store in the refrigerator for later how long will it be good for?

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In my opinion a few days for best nutrition.

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My fiance got one for around 50. Not sure the brand but I can find out. It seems to be really high quality and works quite well, no complaints. As per how long stuff can store, I’ve found that greatly depends on what is in the juice. Some stuff will taste fine 3 days later others will taste kinda blah 8 hours later.

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I absolutely love this juicer. It has not let me down and comes at a very fair price.

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And, well, there’s that fiance I was talking about…. :P

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For your OP

From the research I gathered, between, Breville & Jack LaLanne they seem to rival each other with similar models in the 99$ -130$ range. A quick Amazon or Google shopping search will show you this fact. I just ended up watching a bunch of review videos of both. They also rival each other in the 150$ range.

In the end some things to consider that may not be as obvious,
1. Counter space
2. Ease of cleaning
3. whether or not the machine leaves dry or wet pulp (this one is obvious, the dryer the more juice was extracted)

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I freeze my juice sometimes if I make a large quantity and want it to last for a day or two. I add spices to mine so often the tastes haven’t fully melded if I drink it immediately, overnight is about perfect for me as far as taste and nutrition I wouldn’t refrigerate any longer then that. I don’t like juicers or more precisely went the smoothie route as vegetables and fruit are a valuable commodity here and I hate waste, the fiber I get from that is a bonus. Also I can’t imagine I would like the cleaning process. I was sharing a vitamix but we couldn’t maintain a schedule long term, and that was expensive. I goty oster blender, though I sometimes wish I had gotten the ninja, it performs well for me. It has enouh power, can coarsely or thinly mix depending on my preference, and has enough speed options. I think it was 60 dollars regular price but I got it for forty with an in-store sale and a coupon I had.

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