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You are so sweet to ask. The tradition of hunting for the Easter baskets filled with candy from the Easter Bunny ended years ago.

This year, the SO and I walked along Via Dolorosa, the path that Jesus (allegedly) took on his way to his crucifixion in what is now called Old Jerusalem, Israel. While neither of us believe in a god, this was more meaningful to me than any Easter holiday experienced so far.

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I really am having a great Easter. Yesterday I met someone that I have admired for a long time and was not disappointed by the experience at all. I am spending Easter Sunday relaxing with no plans whatsoever!

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A friend of mine owns a time share in a resort and she was going away. I have been to this one a bunch of times with her and alone to her unit. She invited me and I took the opportunity. It wasn’t the most convenient time but I think in life, you have to try to take the opportunities when they arise. She was here 3 nights, I was here 2. (FB friends, see the “sangria” photo). Today we are checking out and I am driving home, then to my parents’ for dinner (my 6 year old daughter is there). We’ll do Easter egg hunt and all that fun stuff.

Happy, Hoppy Easter to my fellow Jellies! I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!

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Well I was until your name popped up :P

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Fortunately someone told me on Friday that it was Easter weekend. So I scrambled together a basket of goodies for the youngling.

Sometime today we’ll discuss the historical development of this holiday, like we do every holiday.

So far, the spawn is still asleep, and hubby crashed at a friend’s house instead of driving home after his show last night, so I’m enjoying a quiet morning to myself.


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Chilling in bed, sipping coffee and surfing the web side-by-side, as we usually do on weekend mornings. That’s our bliss; so yes, we are having a great Easter Sunday. Thanks for asking!

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I just rubbed a 20lb whole ham with Inglehoffer’s sweet/hot mustard, brown sugar, and a little home made BBQ rub. I am now sitting outside waiting for the smoker to hit 225 degrees so I can throw it on and start the cooking process. The coffee is hot and I can hear all of the doves out here cooing at each other.

Yep, it’s a pretty good Easter so far.

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Don’t know yet. Just woke up. Had some rare morning sex, so I know my husband is having a fabulous day so far. :)

We’ll be at my mom’s house today, which is a pleasant experience about 15% of the time. I’m not expecting much, so I plan to eat my body weight in good food to make up for it.

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Lurve for all!

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My son and step son have been with me this week, as we have the entire week off school for Easter here in Norway. Candy has been eaten, and now the chicken is in the oven for a lovely roast lunch. The sun has come out for the second time in about two weeks.

Happy Eostre….

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Ham goes in the oven in an hour, Grand-kids and their parents will here in 2 and half, Yellow Peeps for dessert with ice cream. ( They’ll go home all sugared up ). Happy Easter all!

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Will soon be going out to test a few new vintage lens purchases.

Such events, for me, are quite spiritual.

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Sorry. This is a terrible time for me. My best guy friend has dropped me and I have to give up my dog. I am really grief-stricken.

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@janbb: Why do you have to give up your dog?

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@jca He’s aggressive unpredictably and he bit someone. I’ve been working and working with him and it’s no good.

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@janbb: Are you sure you’re not jumping the gun? Maybe put the yellow bandana on him to signal that people should be wary on approaching him, or maybe try some medication.

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@jca Thanks. I don’t want to derail this thread any more. Will discuss it at another point.

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OK. I just cut this from google – and then that’s the last we’ll discuss here.

In case you are not aware:

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So far yes, we went to early services at church. I will be having a house full for dinner this afternoon and I made up three Easter Baskets for the three kiddies coming over. I hope your Easter is a good one too cruiser.

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Hi, @Cruiser! We’re celebrating spring more than Easter today. Sprouts and seeds are going into the ground. The weekend is being a spring/Easter/Passover movies and other holiday specials viewing time. I have a couple of Passover specials to watch, a Charlie Brown Easter special, Hop, and some others.
There is supposed to be a sprinkle this evening, into the night, and at least a week of temps in the upeer 60’s and the 70’s. Today should be just the right day for me to put stuff in the ground.
Happy Easter/Passover/spring to you!

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We were supposed to go to the “cabin” this weekend until my husband realized he had an important appointment on Saturday. We had already turned down his brother’s invite to their house, which was good because his wife’s parents will be there. Ick.

Instead of going away this weekend, we went to the shelter and adopted a new kitty! She comes to us with the name Tink, but we’re waiting for her to reveal her real name.

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Happy Easter All!

I am not having a great morning, since my internet seems to have slowed to a crawl.
Not sure why, but it is possible we overshot our monthly allowance.

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Yes, I am!
Leaving in awhile to drive an hour to the ranch, and visit with my geese and their adoptive parents. Bringing a giant bouquet of flowers and all sorts of gifts that my new friend and I are exchanging. Going to be a beautiful day, high around 79 and I am wearing a new dress, a tye dyed/batique little indian number with colorful beads and cool blue sandals.
My friend and I are having home made goat Brie and wine while the geese frolic around.

Happy Easter to all!

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Yes and no.

I love seeing all the Easter photos on Facebook of my friends with their kids all dressed up and many many decorated Easter eggs made by their children.

Yesterday I was nostalgic and looked up the city I lived in when I was very young, Hastings-on Hudson, NY. They had an annual Easter Egg hunt every year in the main park for the town and I remember running through the park with bunches of other children searching for eggs filled with candies and toys. They still have the event, this year they said there were 200 kids. I also found a blog where a woman recalled going to the hunt back in the 50’s. Such a nice feeling the holidays in smaller towns like that.

Also, yesterday, the dad of a friend of mine posted a Facebook status saying Easter has caused him to wonder why atheists target Christians. I tried to explain why some atheists feel defensive (I won’t get into the whole conversation here) and he twisted it all around as though I walk around hating Christians, feeling offended all the time, and he keeps saying even today, Christians never say anything negative about atheists. Responding to him on this Easter day has made me feel pretty badly. I don’t want to really say anything negative about any Christian today on the holiest of days. I have decided not to respond any more.

My husband and I for lunch went to a deli we have been meaning to try. We had lunch al fresco, matzah ball soup and a half sandwich. The food was good, and the bakery was a real NY style bakery with many yummy treats. That was nice.

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We stayed home this year and aren’t having company, so we are pretty much not doing Easter this year, which is OK, because we are babysitting 2 dogs, 2 cats and a tank full of fish, plus walking another neighbor’s dog later this afternoon. Pretty much a typical day around here. We are lucky enough to be able to babysit the furry ones while my friends are out of town so they don’t have to board them. We took the dogs to the park this morning and now they’re snoozing away, together, on the couch. These dogs are from 2 separate households and had never met until 3 days ago. Luckily they are getting along splendidly and have found their new doggy BFF’s.

Happy Easter to you all.

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In Québec there’s an Easter tradition, where people celebrate the holiday at places called ’‘cabane à sucre’’. (sugar shacks) These are usually on town outskirts, and yeah, they’re wooden buildings. All old fashioned, with old wood stoves and stuff, plus musicians playing old Québec folk music. You go in a group and eat all this food and dance around and all.
I went with my friend and her family and their friends, that was my first time going to one of those. So I totally pigged out on pea soup, ham, this weird fuzzy bacon stuff nicknamed ’‘the ears of Christ’’. Got really stuffed. Then when you’re done, you go outside and eat sweets made from actual maple syrup and everything. There’s farm animals you can feed, pony rides for kids, and paths in the woods to run around in. I really enjoyed the experience.

After that my friend and I decided we wanted to get wasted, so I had her stay over for the night. First we wanted to go bowling, but there was no place left in any of the bowling places…so we just went to eat this fancy pizza, (after all that greasy sugar shack food, why not) then got back home with a 12 pack and a bottle of wine, and got wasted watching movies all night long haha.

My Easter ruled.

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WAY COOL! I read your answer to my daughter, @Symbeline, and I think she just added that experience to her bucket list. Sounds fun!

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Oh yeah, it was real great. I only took acid for the first time, finally realized I’ve been the bad guy in all of my relationships and just generally tried not to cry until I was sober, heh.

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I might cry if that ^^ is not a true story.

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@Blackberry attains enlightenment, way to go berry boy! lol

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I had a wonderful time seeing Marwyn & Sonora, and my new friend gave me amazing scented goat milk soaps and perfume and a decorated duck egg from her beloved Lucy, that Sonora is madly in love with. haha
We hung out on their huge porch overlooking beautiful pastures filled with cows and a pond and overlooking their garden.
Marwyn has adjusted well and while he kept an eye on me the whole time he also went about his business in a relaxed fashion. Transition complete and while it is still sad for me after having him for 15 years, he is in a wonderful place.

They even let him in the house to hang out and break bread, just like I did and he has bonded with Eric, his father goose role model, it was so cute watching him follow Eric down the log lined little trail to the horse barns.
I was sad on the drive home, but happy to have such a great new friend and the option to visit my darlings that were such a huge part of my life for so long. Marwyn has a new purple pool, he looks great in it. lol :-)

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Thanks for all the really great shares here Jellies! I had a blast watching an almost 18yr old and 14 year old search for Easter eggs with the same fervor of a 5 year old, cooked a killer Easter/Passover feast and had absolutely perfect weather for a truly great day with family! Same time next year gang!

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@Cruiser When I was still married and we had big easter partys at my old house with a lot of teenage cousins, kids, we would hide the “Golden Egg” with a $20 bill in it. Those kids were very enthusiastic to find the golden egg. haha

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I’m late, but I did have a great Easter. I didn’t really celebrate, but I woke up at 8, worked out, showered, made myself pretty, and wrote a poem all before noon. :)

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@AshLeigh Care to share the poem?

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The kids didn’t like or even enjoy sitting and eating the meal together, so I’m not going to do that again. Frozen pizza next year, or better yet, let their father look after them and I’ll go to the south of France for a vacation.

@Coloma Lovely scented goat milk soap is hard to beat! ;)

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I’m so glad everything worked out well for Marwyn and Sonora. ^_^

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@cazzie Yes, it so nice, everything smells so good just from the aroma wafting around my house.

@Seek Yes, me too, but I am still so sad, I love them so much.

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@Blondesjon @Coloma Unfortunately it’s true. Well, it’s good I took it because that’s what I was looking for, but that stuff is just too real. I’m an amateur and just sticking with pot for now.

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@Blackberry . . . Sorry you had a bad trip. I’ve eaten a lot of acid over the years and always had nothing but fun.

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@Cruiser, I guess so. Hah. It’s not my best, but oh well.

“Sleeping in a Recliner”

I don’t believe in lost causes,
but I believe that you are more lost than I am.
There’s something missing.
Something caught in my throat.
Evil has come, and evil is true.
The evil could be me,
or the evil could be you.

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@AshLeigh Very interesting poem, being written on an Easter morning makes it all the more interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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I didn’t even remember it was Easter until halfway through the day. Haha. Thanks.

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@Blondesjon It actually started out really good, I saw what everyone was talking about all this time, but it took a bad turn and was hard to shake off. :)

But oh man those enhanced colors are great.

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