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Is there a website where I can pay others to do tasks for me?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) April 20th, 2014

So a website where I publish a task I want doing and what price I would pay and someone can do that task for me.

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Seek's avatar is a popular freelance site for just such a purpose.

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TaskRabbit? Although a friend had a bad experience this weekend with their person canceling on them at the last minute. It’s only in a few cities, at the moment.

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Walmart, and most other big stores have web sites that will alleviate the necessity to go pick up your purchases. They’ll have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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taskrabbit is all the rage here too.

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There’s also Fiverr

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I’ve never used this service, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but I’ve heard good things about Rent-a-Husband.

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rent-a-husband! No kidding?

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