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Would you eat an entire cantaloupe at one sitting?

Asked by Aster (18231points) April 20th, 2014

As asked.

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Haven’t but I could. Is this a “when did you stop beating your wife” question?

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yes, I have eaten an entire watermelon in one sitting.

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Probably not. I like cantaloupe in small doses.

I could murder a whole honeydew, though.

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If if it is fresh and ripe, no problem.

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Yes, I’ve done so, during a leisurely afternoon on the back porch.

This isn’t something I would do regularly, but the time I did it, it tasted great.

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No, but I can “letterbox” several jaffa cakes when it suits me.

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A friend who lives near London mailed me a box of Jaffa cakes when I told her that my local store stopped carrying them. They didn’t last 24 hours. Mmm… JaffaCakes.

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If I liked them I probably could.

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Not so much a cake, more a chocolate biscuit with a smashing orangey bit in the middle

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Definitely. Many of those large fruits (cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple) are like crack to me. I have to stop myself from eating the whole thing.

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No not even when I was able to eat regular portions would I.

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Usually not, but it would not be completely out of the question.

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No, cantaloupe is one of the few things I don’t like. It looks so pretty, but it tastes kind of metallic to me.

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If it’s a really good one—you know, a little soft and very sweet—yes, absolutely.

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I could and probably have done it.

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No… cantaloupe is for two.

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@talljasperman – why? Because without two people you can’t elope?

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It’s certainly doable, particularly if that’s all that’s available.

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@elbanditoroso When I was growing up I always shared my cantaloupe with my grandfather.

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I have and I will.

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If I was starving and hadn’t eaten in 3 days and that’s all there was I would.

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No, but I have a relevant joke:

What did Papa Melon say to his daughter when she threatened to marry her boyfriend?

“I’m sorry honeydew, but you cantaloupe.”

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^^^ Booo!!!! :D

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^^^ Oh, c’mon. That’s a great third-grade joke.

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It’s what we call Rock melon here, I just checked out a few images on Google, I could eat half if it is sweet and juicy, not squishy though.

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