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What's the better CSS framework for you?

Asked by Yeco (20points) July 2nd, 2008
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Well, I’ve heard nice things about blueprint, but I opt out of the css framework. Most of my web apps are to specific to warrant a framework.

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I use Blueprint sometimes. Normally I just roll my own.

edit :: jinx

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For me, it’s the YUI Library CSS Tools: it has a “reset”, “base” and “fonts” for a nice and consistent style and typography foundation, and “grids”... it’s basic yet complete and very ease to use

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I like the idea of WYMstyle but I don’t quite like the implementation. I’m currently working on my own framework with the same idea but fixing the issues I have with WYMstyle.

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We’re using 960 with customization for our new company site.
We’re trying to discipline ourselves to work with it but its been challenging. Old habits…
I think for future projects we might just set a base typography framework and not limit ourself to a grid framework.

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i just use Javasceipt framework and edit css myself

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