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Have you ever had the memory of a taste reappear randomly?

Asked by longgone (12851points) April 20th, 2014

I just tasted something I can’t have eaten for ten years. Never had that happen before. How about you?

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Smells, yes, but not taste. Of course, taste is a huge component of taste, so they’re close.

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Yes but it’s really weird. Something has to trigger it and then it’s so strong as to be happening in real life. It happens all the time.

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Yes, it happens to me once in awhile. But, the taste is faded compared to an actual one.

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@anniereborn Sometimes with me it’s super intense, more so than the original.

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I suddenly and without known cause lost the ability to smell and taste for 18 months. That totally sucked and it came back as suddenly as it went away and I have no clue as to why.

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Yes I have, and usually along with an intense craving for it. As with @anniereborn, it’s never as intense a taste as the real thing.

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