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Will my Raedon HD 5800 video card give better video with HDMI or DVI-d?

Asked by victord66 (201points) April 20th, 2014

I have a Raedon HD 5800 video card and up until now I have been using a DVI-D cable to my monitor. I have just upgraded my monitor and it has an HDMI port. I won’t be using it for audio as I use the sound off the motherboard.

If I switch to an HDMI cable will I get better video? My monitor is a BenQ GW2760HS.

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No difference, the HDMI includes the audio. If you are using the audio from the motherboard, use just the DVI.

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I’m going to back up @Tropical_Willie here. Digital is digital. Gold plated cables are a scam too.

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You probably wont notice any difference.. a HDMI is just an easier “all-in-one” package with sound included.

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There is no difference in video quality. The only difference is the connector, the video signal is the same.

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