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I have the iPhone with AT&T, when I receive a multi-media message a text message pops up and provides u w/ a message ID and password and a link to, well sometimes the site won't upload and it will say"safari could not respond because the server stopped responding" I have full signal when this happens, any ideas on what I can do?"?

Asked by sugarlovin77 (3points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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It doesn’t work with mobile Safari. You need to use a computer.

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To add to Kevbo’s response, mobile Safari is capped when it comes to downloading attached files and file types. I think the only “large” file types it will open are QuickTime movies, and even then there is a maximum size for those files. Chances are, the MMS files are not QuickTime, thus not supported.

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I personally think it is the most disappointing thing that could have ever happened to the “world’s most revolutionary mobile device”. It can do everything but accept multimedia messages?- how sad, I trusted you Steve! WHHHHYYYYY!!!

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holy shitake mushrooms. What you can do first is not type that all in the title. Thanks!

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Jeez, take advantage of the text box below the title next time!

Anyway, I usually have people send me photos or videos to my e-mail on my iPhone. Instead of sending it to a number, they just send it to my e-mail. Works great!

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AT&T has that website blocked from being used on the EDGE network, why I don’t know. The site works just fine on wifi networks.

I generally find a good proxy site on my iPhone and use that, it fools the network, allowing you to check the message out, although, sometimes it’s kind of hit or miss.

Best bet is a computer

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