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Logically would the military permit performance enhancing drugs?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) April 21st, 2014

The soldiers need to be peak and war doesn’t have rules on juicing the infantry. It might even save lives.

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Of course they do. Not only do they permit it, they actively prescribe it.

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The use of steroids can cause anger issues. Sounds like something the Army would want…

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And I thought the FEV experiments in Fallout were over the top.

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The US Army is actually a fan of pain killers. Specifically 500–800 mg of any ibuprofen trademarks – usually motrin aka Ranger Candy.

And the US Air Force has used amphetamines aka go pills during missions followed by “no-go” pills to help them sleep after missions.

@filmfann I think you’re mixing up the Army with Marine meatheads. lol

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They must be. I’ve heard of certain special forces being given speed to stay awake and alert for long periods.

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The Nazi’s used methamphetamines (Pervitin) during WW2.

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