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Has your life, so far, end up as you planned it or imagined it to be?

Asked by cecildooderbop (192points) July 2nd, 2008

Just want to know what you thought your life would end up being like, if it ended up how you imagined, how it changed, and what affected it to change..

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Not really. I should be living it up on Mars by now.

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I never really planned out my life, or had any real expectations. Like any kid, I figured by the time I hit my 30s (well, mid-30s now) I’d have the world all figured out, and I’d know who I was as a person. Well, I still haven’t figured out the world, and I still don’t know “who I am” per se. I’m constantly changing, and so is my perception of the world. And I still don’t feel like an “adult”, whatever that means.

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My life is not at all like I thought it would be, thank God! Now I must go cry myself to sleep for different reasons entirely.

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Not even close. I never imagined that I would be a 27 year old single father.

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Yes. Quite close indeed.

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It has surpassed my dreams. I come from people who, only two generations ago did not travel more than two-hundred miles from their birthplace. Luckily, in the intermittent generations all became school teachers. It was this love of education that fueled me in my youth. Years later, I smile silently to myself when I realize why I’m able to discuss the merits of a Diebenkorn painting, or appreciate the use of sonata rondo form in Haydn. I’m the culmination of generations of thirst for knowledge, and it’s better than I could have imagined.

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<——-Me and Tom Jefferson who said, “Knowledge is light”.

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Yes and no. Yes I live my dream of being a professional artist but I never saw the twists and turns leading to my life today.
Life has a way of adding unexpected joys and devistating tragedy to even the best laid plans.

However, in all honesty it is the unexpected twists that have tested and built my character. I believe I am a better person than I would have been if life had not intervened.

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Mine is better than I dreamed of. Being locked in a closet for life was all I imagined my life would be. But when I turned the knob and forced the closet door open and walked out, my life changed and turned out far better than I imagined.

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Kind of better so far, o.k. way too better than I expected, and I thank God every day for it :)

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I would like to echo the “better than I ever dreamed” quips. And somehow it continues to get even better.

I thought I was going to be poor and miserable. Education and a sense of adventure made everything I wanted possible. A little bit of arrogance and recklessness helped too, ironically.

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Until about six months ago, my life was unfolding exactly as I expected. Since then things have changed immensely.

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