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How can I make my guinea pigs to stop fighting each other?

Asked by ihrtyoshi (45points) April 21st, 2014

I bought two baby guinea pigs on Saturday. They were fine on Sunday and then Monday night a couple hours ago I noticed they’re fighting each other. No harm has been done yet. I don’t really want to separate them since they’re brothers and they’re social animals, but if there is no other way to stop the fighting then so be it I will separate them tomorrow morning. I did give one of them a bath because he was covered in pee. Could the reason be why they’re fighting is because the one I gave a bath smells different? They also keep squeaking at each other and they didn’t do that before.
So please help with any suggestions or comments on to stop them behaving this way.

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Next time give em both baths.

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Is the cage small? If not make sure you cage is spacious enough for two pigs. Male guinea pigs are territorial by nature. Since they are under a year, they may be going through their adolescent period and trying to establish dominance.Hopefully over time they should settle down. But in case the fight gets worse and they draw blood then they should be separated. When you separate them, do it in such a way that they will be able to see each other.

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I’ve had guinea pigs most of life till I became deathly allergic to them.
@Smitha is correct. You need to make sure the cage is huge. I managed to get my pigs to stop fighting by putting them in a cage about the size of a single-person-sized mattress. Then during the summer, putting them in an outdoor cage that was much bigger then that.
Also, if they are standing up, high, on their legs, and “cooing” at each other, it means they are vying for territory. Guinea pigs will make themselves as big as possible, and sorta “dance” around making a cooing-type-nose as a show of dominance. If this is what they are doing to each other, it’s time to get a massive cage, or buy separate cages, and put them side by side, so they can still see each other, and talk, but can’t kill each other.

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