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★Have you heard about what is going on in Ukraine? Would you or would you not buy any IT-related services from an outsourcing company with a center in Ukraine?

Asked by Ninasimon (35points) April 22nd, 2014

Looking for cost-effective IT support company and considering one company based in Ukraine. Do you think it’s a good idea to go with this company taking into account the situation?

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Kinda a bad idea. You might have a situation where services and ports are blocked. Like what is going on in Turkey now.

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I avoid any IT or other related services from that area. I also avoid even emails with a .ru as the site of origin or ownership.

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Given that there is a story today in the NY Times about Russian cyberwarfare in Ukraine, I’d avoid it as much as possible.

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Since the region is unstable, so is any investment you make there.

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Its not just the instability of the region that’s a problem. Cybercrime in Russia (and neighbouring countries) is rife, and it’s a fair bet that 99.9% of the IT companies advertising outside of their own country are financed by crime, malware, spamming etc.

A very large percentage of the spam that hits Fluther originates from Russia and surrounding countries.

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You will have better odds at a gambling table in Vegas.

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