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What funny/cute errors did you make as a kid with regards to reading?

Asked by ucme (45334points) April 22nd, 2014

Could be with book reading or some street sign or whatever.
I remember two from my childhood, as my grandma & I were about to enter a shop with her dog, I stopped & informed her the sign in the window said No Dogs Allowed to which she replied, “that’s okay, she’s very quiet”
Another time walking along with my mum, No Cycling was printed across the pavement, I asked her…“why no giggling?”

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My daughter thought Alzheimer’s disease was Old Timer’s disease.

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That while thing where you think LMNO is on letter. Elemeno.

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Used to read the word “misled” as “mizzled” and “island” as “izland”.

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None. I was a very capable reader. My funny stories would be about learning to read. I waited for what seemed like eternity to start school. At long last I was in the driveway waiting for a bus which would take me to school.
When I got home half a day later, I was all about the stomping, and slamming, and making huffy sounds. My mom asked me what was wrong. I loudly stated, “You said I would learn to read when I got to school. Well, I went ot school today, and all I did was paint with my fingers and take a nap. I’m never going to that stupid place again!”

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I remember arguing with my second or third grade teacher saying “It has to be spelt “N-E-C-K-E-D.”
Also, my parents brought back leftovers in a “people bag.”
I misunderstood and took it to show and tell saying it was a pee hole bag.

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None for me, but I have a story from a small kid. So an ambulance drives by, and he points that out. (this is happening in French here)

Instead of saying the word ambulance, (the same in French as in English) he calls it an ’‘enculance’’. That’s not a word, but it comes from the word ’‘enculé’’, which denotes anal sex. If you got fucked in the ass, you got enculé. Which is also a slang for a person who’s an asshole, ’‘sal enculé!’’

So yeah, we thought that was hilarious. It was an honest mistake, the kid has absolutely no idea why we were laughing.

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@Symbeline Aww, you said “fucked” & in my thread too…i’m truly touched :D

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I thought it was a good place to conclude our contest. :)

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Fuck yeah!

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My daughter used to say ‘will you do me a flavour’. Love teasing her about that…

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My daughter used to say “Havtingto” for “having to.”

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The contest is over. So SAD!

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Not in the least bit sad, a mutually agreed upon date was reached, fun was had along the way & much backslapping ensued…hoorah!

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Indeed. It was genuinely fun. :)

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I never understood what people were saying when they said “might as well”; one time at a very young age, I wrote it out as “minez well”, because that’s what I heard :P

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I don’t remember for myself, but my daughter came up with some really funny sentences using spelling words in 3rd grade.

“I am Hygiene.” Uh….no honey, you HAVE good hygiene.

” I frayed out on my bed.” No dear, that would be splayed. lol

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@Juels A lot of adults call it that.

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It’s very hard to tell my reading-error stories as a kid since doing so will involve a lot of translation/explanation/cultural references.

So now I will tell you my reading-error as a foreign language learner.

One day I was learning about food-related words at school. I had already learned the word “fork”. Now the teacher was teaching about the kind of food. At one point I raised my hand and asked her how we could eat a fork. Turned out that I had mistaken the word “pork” for the word “fork”!

I also have a story about my Japanese learning too. At that time I hadn’t memorized all the Japanese alphabet yet. One day we were learning some new words. Before that I had learned the word ”さけ” (sa-ke) which meant sake. When the teacher pointed to a new word and explained that the word meant something we used when it rained, I raised my hand (yet again) and asked her if Japanese drank sake when it rained. Turned out (yet again) that the word she was teaching was ”さか” (sa-ka) which meant an umbrella!

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Not as a kid but as a teenager when I read “Jaws” I came across the word “sonofabitch”, it must have taken me at least half the book until I realised what it spelt.

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Everytime I see the word iditerod I read it as idiotard. Doesn’t happen often, but it still makes me laugh.

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My cousin used to say hotter bot bottle for hot water bottle.

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My son was the WORST speller, and it made for some serious hilarity around the house! Star Spangled Banner went something like this:

O say can you see
By the danderly light
What so praudly we halled
At the twilits first gleming…..

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That reminds of a funny mistake I made when I was a kid. We had to learn the name of some National leaders in India. P.V.Narasimha Rao was one among them, I always ended up in calling him “Nursing” Rao.

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When my two sisters and I were little, we were on a road trip with my folks. Don’t know how it came up, but somehow the discussion turned to Hitler. My sister, who was about 7, did the Nazi salute and hollered “Hi Hitler!” My folks thought that was freakin’ hilarious!

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My brother had a kind of lisp issue when he first started school. He could not make the hard sound of the “ch”. It always came out as “sh”. Trains were shoo shoos ,and sundays we attended shursh. I got a huge kick out of giving him the book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when we had company visiting and tell him to go ask mommy to read it to him. It got me into trouble good, but I kept doing it. I could not resist the temptation.

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@Jonesn4burgers Never expected a child to have such a dark mind hahahahahah!

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