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Do you prefer banana milk to almond and , if so, how do you make it?

Asked by Aster (18313points) April 22nd, 2014

I saw a video in which a girl makes banana milk. She just used banana and water in a blender. If you like banana milk what is your recipe?

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You see, this is what i’m talking about. Leave milk alone, it’s tasty as it is.
Who would shove a banana up a cow’s arse anyway, pull the udder one for feck’s sake.

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I haven’t tried banana milk before. It sounds tasty, but not as healthy as almond milk. It would have more sugar and fewer nutrients.

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I have milked a helluva a lot of cows. But I never could find the teats on an almond, let alone a banana. Where are they?

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Almond milk is not that healthy (mostly just water). Banana milk would be far more healthy.
And now that I see how it is made (bananas blended into milk + vanilla) I see I have been drinking this for years.
Try peeling and then freezing your bananas 1st! Then mix with milk in blender and add peanut butter and maybe unsweetened cocoa!

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@Dan_Lyons Add some vanilla protein powder, and I enjoy that on a daily basis. More nutritional value than almond milk, maybe, but way more calories and sugar.

Although, if milk is part of the recipe, it’s not really an alternative to any type of milk.

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You are livin’ the life @livelaughlove21

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@muppetish The banana milk may be a better option for some who are on sodium restricted diets….8.4 mgs compared to 190–244 mgs of sodium in almond milk. This is a very basic recipe

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