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Ew. Optus.

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Don’t worry, the iPhone isn’t going to be exclusive to a network like it is in America. Other carriers will soon release their pricing.

If you already have a prepaid SIM card, I’m fairly sure that you can just put it into any unlocked iPhone, without signing your soul away on a contract… although you would be paying a fortune on data fees.

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How much do you reckon it’ll cost to unlock?

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Telstra are selling an unlocked iPhone for 600–700 dollars

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Most mobiles (without a contract) you can buy either locked to a network or unlocked (pay for it outright). It usually costs a bit more to buy it outright, but it gives you the freedom of upgrading to a new phone whenever you want and switching networks if you want to.

Many locked phones you can unlock yourself with hidden settings, but I have no idea if an iPhone can be locked in this matter. Or you can always pay your carrier a small fee for them to unlock it, if they offer that service.

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@shrubbery: No point buying it unlocked because you’ll be screwed in costs for data transfer (and what’s the point of having an internet-capable device if you don’t use the internet?) plus Telstra and Vodafone will be bringing the iPhone to Australia. The contract will cost you $720 dollars all-up and will only cost $300 for the phone, so a much better idea than unlocking paying $700 for a phone and then paying $30 a month in PAYG credit anyway…

I’m really disappointed with the data limits on all iPhone plans worldwide, who the hell decided that 300MB in a month is enough on a phone that can download videos and songs? I suppose the network speeds will be so slow you might as well use Wi-Fi, which is why I’m so attracted to the Telstra plans which include free Wi-Fi access in any Telstra Hotspot (all McDonald’s, Starbucks, Major Airports and some caf├ęs and government buildings even…)

I also find it strange that Gizmodo find time to write 3 full articles about the Optus plans, yet only a snippet about Telstra. Oh wait, no that isn’t strange at all because Optus sponsors Gizmodo.

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I’m going to have to make sure I have enough money for the full contract put aside first. I’m going to be moving out of home soon, and I won’t be able to afford even 30 bucks a month when I’m trying to scrape by on my own income. :P
I’m probably going to have to go Vodafone. Down in Tasmania there isn’t any data access at all for Telstra 3G (at least to my knowledge). So looks like Vodafone will be the way to go.
My ideal setup would be an iPhone that is NextG compatible. But alas, not going to happen unless they release support for NextG on the next iPhone.
Anyone have more links to the actual prices and plans that the three companies will be releasing? I’ve been scouring the internet and have come up with hardly anything.

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@chromaBYTE Only Optus have released there plans, we’re still waiting on plans from Vodafone and Telstra. Vodafone are the ones who have no 3G converage in Tasmania (I live there myself) Telstra do and it will be released on there nextG network.
This link here is the Optus plan and like i said Telstra and Vodafone have yet to release there plans.

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Vodafone released their pricing information today, got an email about it! (and just in time too).
Go here for all the pricing information for vodafone. Extremely expensive compared to Optus.
Still no word from Telstra, and it’s the day before release…

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And the day has come and what a suprise all the plans suck; GOD DAMN ALL TELCO’S

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Hmm the telstra ones aren’t too bad because of the free Wi-Fi and the Data packs are ok, not too much more expensive, still a rip-off but at least in Tasmania Telstra are your best bet… besides I’m in Wi-Fi hotspots most of the time anyway, so data use isn’t too much of an issue…

I asked in-store about the Wi-Fi and it seems that you get unlimited downloading in those hotspots, so most cities are covered by hotspots… I’m only planning to get 100MB of data, which ought to suffice for the in-between traveling.

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@Bluemukaki how much is the plan with 100mb data?

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$30 a month with a $29 data pack- $59 a month… and I think you actually get 98MB.

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Wow, Thats not too bad i suppose

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