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What can I expect from going on a 60 day juice fast?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) April 22nd, 2014

What should I watch out for? And what should I expect overall? How do I bring myself back into eating after juicing? I’m pretty sure I’d like to embark on a vegetarian diet afterwards. I will probably start sometime next week still have to do a ton of research.

Side question, can someone survive and be healthy just by juicing for all meals?

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Probably diarrhea.

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I second diarrhea… and the only food that one can survive on alone is human breast milk.
~ have fun tying to obtain a large steady supply.

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@pleiades Did you watch this documentary by chance?

If you have not. I would say it is borderline mandatory that you do!

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You need protein. You will probably be needing to add protein powder to the juice.

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I am in week 4 of a 30 day cleanse that I thought was going to be a juice fast. To my surprise it turned out to be juice for breakfast, salad for lunch and clean food for dinner. (Tonight was vegetable soup.) No dairy, no gluten and the only meat I had was tuna once in week two, so it has basically been almost vegan. I’ve lost 10 lbs and I am really pretty shocked that I haven’t been gassy. I have also quit the diet sodas I was addicted to and replaced my morning coffee with green tea.
You might not get diarrhea because if you only do juice you won’t have any fiber. I would suggest that if you really want to do only juice for 60 days that you please do it in coordination with your doctor. Getting enough protein in juice will be really hard.
You might want to try Moringa Tea. It tastes like horse crap but it’s high in protein.

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For first few days you might experience dehydration, nausea, headaches etc. If you have not done juice fasting before then its always better to start with short ones first and slowly works towards longer days. You will also have to check with your doctor to make sure your body is up for it. I don’t know if this is a healthy decision. Juice fasting for a week may be ok but more than that you might miss the essential nutrients, iron, protein and fatty acids. You should eat a nutrient rich diet at least one month prior to fasting.

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60 days is too long, especially if you have never fasted before. Bad idea. Bad.

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What can I expect from going on a 60 day juice fast?

Hunger. A great deal of hunger pangs.

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Careful you don’t wreck your Gallbladder. Ease into it months ahead of time. Don’t just start it.

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I’ve done 30-day liquid fasts, but I didn’t limit myself to juice (which, by the way, is very caloric). I also had protein-rich soymilk plus some light, pureed soup (fiber). Everything was fine, and I had no problems gradually easing myself back to solid foods.

60 days is too long.

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Poor health.

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@LDRSHIP Yes I have!

I still need to calculate the costs for all the veggies…

I’m very much in the planning stages

Still need…

1. Fatty Acids (considering having nuts with lunch time)
2. To set what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner

@syz Nope, I’ve ever only been in a healthy state post high school when I would live vegetarian lifestyles. I’m pretty sure jam packing a whole bunch of vegetables that I’d be eating anyhow is an ok way to live life. I’d be more than willing to read whatever it is you have to add to your general statement.

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I’m also considering 2 meal replacement with juice instead of full on juicing… Thoughts on that one?

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That would be better.
Are you doing this for weight loss? Cleansing? What are your goals?

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@Judi I need a lifestyle change, I would like to jump start with a cleanse though. Also, when I was at my healthiest I was 145 and was 5’7” much has changed I’m 5’8” (hehe) but I’m also like 170+ I want to drop weight. I already walk 3.3 miles at least 4 times a week paired with stretching, crunches, biceps curls and pushups. Just small time stuff I don’t do anything that warrants weight lifting I don’t think.

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My trainer just had me get this book . Sounds like it might be something like what you’re trying to acvomplish.

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60 days is extreme by any standards and for a first time effort is pretty risky.

Why not begin with 30 days? Any bad habit can be dropped in a months time.

If that goes well, perhaps consider a longer period in the future.

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Try maybe putting some Greek yogurt into the blender so you get some protein.

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You can expect to have to keep your juicing machine on the counter at all times.

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