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Do/did you have any school subjects that you hate not because of their nature but because of other factors?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14757points) April 22nd, 2014

When I was in my last year in secondary school I hated English and Geography a lot. Not because they were not my cup of tea, but because my English teacher doomed me to an eternal hell since my English skill was better than her, and I repeatedly received failure in Geography tests.

When I was in high school I despised Literature because my teacher was fucking nuts! He didn’t seem to know what he was saying. And when there was a text in the textbook that he didn’t understand, he would repeat one idea (that he thought he understand) over and over. Example: he didn’t understand “The Old Man and the Sea”, he would say: “the old man was a brave and persistent man who wouldn’t give up his dream to catch the biggest fish” and many other versions of this idea until class was over.

And now I hate physical exercise with all my heart! The teacher is a bitch. She is very bossy, always put very high standards on us and always find fault with us, whatever we do. Everyday she comes to school with a grumpy face, she has never said anything nice to us.

Do/did you have any subjects that you hate like that?

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I hated fine art… because I had too many broken wrists over a 6 year period. I also hated math after grade 7 because the teacher made math times tables as a punishment… I hated English because I was paranoid that I wouldn’t get credit or paid for my effort.

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I hated math until I had a teacher who knew how to teach it.
Also, I didn’t like history until high school. Before that, they didn’t teach anything that I was interested in. History gets more morbid when you’re older. That’s when I started genuinely enjoying it. Now I’m dating someone who wants to be a history teacher, and both of us love learning new things.
The only subject that I will always be bored with, no matter what, is science. There might be some aspects of science that interest me, but I never had a science class I didn’t hate.

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I used to hate Economics, only because of the teacher. She used to be very partial, only favoring intelligent kids and giving them grace marks. She used to scold me and few other kids for no reason and she always tried to reduce our marks, it appeared as though she had some personal revenge. We could not even ask doubts. I was really scared of her and I used to even forget what I learnt while appearing for exam. Finally when Board exams came I scored 92%% in Economics. I performed really well because I knew for Board Exams our paper will be evaluated by teachers from other school.

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I had several subjects that I loved but teachers who ruined it for me. I took two years of accounting/business studies in high school but our teacher was so boring, he was made redundant by the text book. I loved chemistry, but I learned more from the guys who sat next to me and behind me than I learned from the teacher. Thank GOODNESS there were enough cute, sweet nerds to help a girl out. I really liked art class and my art teacher, but fellow students who took the class for an easy credit made it a nightmare for me.

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Math. Specifically algebra. Not only did I suck at it (and still do), but you always had to “show your work.” I chose to never do so. I’d rather cheat and risk not getting caught than do that. I HATED math! Foreign languages was almost just as bad. I also disliked Spanish and French class in high school, as well.

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I hated PT.. In my school the bar was set from the accomplishments of the best athletes in class, meaning that “us “regular mortals” were doomed to at best get a mediocre grade for a metric ton of effort, while the jocks breezed trough.

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I hated Chemistry because of our dumb-ass subject teacher.

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@Staalesen I’m so glad I didn’t have to take PT with the Norwegian Amazons/Aryans. I find it annoying that they can smoke and drink and not sleep and still defy gravity as easily as blinking their eyes.

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French and Astronomy.

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@Brian1946 Can’t never believe that an elder like you still TROLLS! ~

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Or are you being possessed by a silent ghost @Brian1946? ~

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Did you get my PBM? ;-p

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I’m back!

Apparently the BF ghost was vanquished by your exclusive use of upper-case text. ;-)

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Glad you’re back to normal now @Brian1946. I’ll protect you from now on, in the name of the Mafia!

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History, the teacher was a bit of a cunt, used to wear a pyjama top underneath his shirt & several watches on each wrist. He kept a shoe in his desk draw with which he threatened to smack the arse of any unruly pupil.

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OK, it’s time to get back to reality a bit.

@AshLeigh I liked history when it became morbid too :) It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who like morbid history.

But the fact that I had to remember too much made history a nuisance to me…

@Smitha I forgot to mention that in high school I also had a Physics teacher who behaved exactly like yours too. I was never good at Physics, so my name entered her “blacklist”. It’s a pain to think back how she treated me back then…

@cazzie Hah! So I’m not the only one who learned more from students than a teacher. There used to be a French teacher at my high school who just didn’t fucking teach! All he did in class was to give an insance long monologue about trivial thing and left. The result: I got a cute E for French! If it hadn’t been for some kind French nerds at the nearby class I would have done worse.

@Staalesen I’ll arrange a meeting between your PT teacher and mine now!

It seems that the reason for most to hate a subject is the dumbass teachers. Yeah right. Teachers are the one who influence the lessons anyway.

And who wants Mafia service? ~

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No. The only teacher I can remember who I really didn’t like happened to teach a subject I didn’t like. Possibly he wasn’t as bad as I thought? I don’t know. I was so negative about that class. I withdrew from it because I was failing. I don’t remember at all the teacher I finally passed the class with. I think it is the only teacher I have a total black out.

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I’ve always hated history courses because I found them boring, but that doesn’t really answer the question.

I never looked forward to a class until I took an Analyzing Homicide course. Other than that, I went because I had to. I did well in pretty much everything, though. School has always come naturally to me.

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@livelaughlove21 Analyzing Homicide course? I’d love to take it if I had the opportunity…

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I had some lousy professors in college that completely ruined the subject matter for me. And some teachers in high school that should have been pushing a broom and not sitting behind a desk.

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@Mimishu1995 Yep. I took it at the University of South Carolina during my senior year. We had sections on school shootings, serial killers, mass and spree killers, women who kill, etc. It was awesome – we got to watch documentaries with interviews with some of the killers, we had guest speakers come in (a medical examiner and a homicide detective) complete with slide shows of gory pictures. It has a bit of a psychology aspect to it and, since that was my major, I enjoyed it even more than my other criminal justice courses. Plus, the professor was really laid back and awesome, so she made it even better than it would’ve been otherwise.

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No. Not really. I hated English, but only because of the subject matter. Never could diagram a sentance.

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When I was choosing the subjects for my first semester, my mom decided college would be a good thing for her too. She always got angry, jealous, and tried to conquer my every accomplishment. She started college when I did, and chose one of my classes. I had to sit with her, in the front row (or suffer a public row from her). I felt like a kid whose mommy couldn’t handle the first day of kindergarten goodbye – forever. She didn’t even like me. To add further suffering, the professor was extremely near-sighted. He couldn’t see beyond the front row, and constantly made goo goo eyes through his coke bottle glasses at my mom. The whole thing soured me so much, I ended up dropping out of college right after first semester grades came out. I didn’t even attend frat parties anymore, except one.

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Like @AshLeigh, I hated math until the second semester of my freshman year when I had a teacher who was amazing. I realized that I only hated math because everyone around me was that way, including the teachers. Now I’m majoring in math and hope to become a teacher who inspires students in the same way I was inspired.

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Looking back, health class. Not because of any fault on the teacher’s part, but because the curriculum was fucking useless. We learned the basic mechanics of how sex worked, along with the failure rates for every type of contraceptive (to scare us off), “only abstinence is 100% effective,” and some half-assed self defense skills for women.

What a wasted opportunity. Sex ed could be the perfect place to teach stuff like:

-advocating for yourself if someone is pressuring or manipulating you into sex
-how to maximize the effectiveness of contraceptives, and how to get them (beyond just condoms at the drug store)
-where to turn if you are raped, become pregnant as a teen, or other situations too big to deal with on your own
– literally anything about rape prevention from the male perspective, like lessons on date rape, enthusiastic consent, standing up for others if you see something happening – anything, seriously.

Instead, sex ed in schools is about as effective as the DARE program for drugs. Like, the way they present the information is so lame, sanitized, and unhelpful, and the main message is just “don’t do it!” It’s almost impossible to glean useful information from a program like that.

Teenagers in particular are this weird combination of cynical and naive, where they feel jaded and blasé to everything, but they’ve had so few life experiences. If you don’t present information to them in an honest and sophisticated way, they won’t pay attention.

And this information is so important. My peer group had to learn a lot of this stuff the hard way, and it doesn’t help that there’s the media and other uninformed kids spreading misinformation around.

It seems like such a wasted opportunity. We need to do better for the next generation.

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@Jonesn4burgers What a cluster. That really sucks. I don’t understand some parents. My story is the same, but the opposite. When my oldest was ready for college she was scared. So scared she about decided not to go. I suggested we take a class together, a computer class. So we did. She found it wasn’t anything to be afraid of and went on to graduate without me, with Bachelors in Business. (I already had a degree in Education so that was OK! :)

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