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What kind of parent would name their kid "Zzyzx"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36374points) April 23rd, 2014

WHY would anyone do that??

Story here.

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Sounds okay from the pronunciation but jeez…the spelling, the spelling.
People are nuts.
Then again, remember Frank Zappas kids.. Dweezil and Moon Unit? lol

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And Prince and Blanket!

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and Apple.

I like “Slanket.”

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I told my snobby ex MIL when I was pregnant with my daughter that if the baby was a girl I was going to name her ” Beulah Lou” and if a boy ” Brooke Trout.” lolol
You should have seen her face…priceless!

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A drunk one?

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Wait! I just thought of @zyz!

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@Coloma Heh yeah, Moon Unit Zappa.

Reminds me of Rob Zombie’s wife; Sheri Moon Zombie.

Mind you, I’d love having zombie as a last name.

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I await the day with gleeful anticipation when a parent names their child Little Shit…tell it like it is.

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@ucme or Mistake, or Oops.
That’s pronounced Miss-Tak-eh.

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I can’t read stories like this now without thinking of Peaches Geldof… it’s not fun and games for kids whose parents are nitwits at naming them.

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Hipsters are too old to have kids!

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@GloPro I know a guy whose name means “Beloved gift from God,” which is a reference to him being a surprise.

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A parent who still reads comics.

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Sadists who wanted to ensure that their child was last in something.

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Funny, I always say any name with a Z or an X in it is cool. LOL. That’s pushing it though.

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Key and Peele have an awesome sketch about creative names. :D

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Loving parents.

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Well, yeah. Zaviar is cool @JLeslie. Things like that. But Zzyzx?

“Loving parents” wouldn’t deliberately give their kid a name that’s liable to cause him torment. I’d be inclined to say “Juvenile, immature parents who think they have a baby doll instead of a real human being.”

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As a parent of three, I believe in raising my children my way and others parents raising their children their way.

Therefore it is not my place to judge others I know absolutely nothing about and I would hope the same courtesy be extended to me.

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@Dutchess_III I agree. I’ve toyed with Z names a lot if we had kids.

Elizabeth (I love that name, but my husband not as much)
Zen (not really, but I thought that would give our resident zenzen a kick)

My husband really likes Max for a boy. I love the name Maxine, but wouldn’t name my own daughter Maxine.

If we had had children we would have wound up with family names most likely though. I have astory about that. You will like’ when I was pregnancy the first time we were going through names, it’s a little tougher for us I think because since he is from another country some names carry different stereotypes or meanings. At one point he gave me a girl and boy name and it was my maternal great grandparents names! He didn’t know. I had to double check with my grandma regarding the boy name to make sure I remembered correctly. It was bazaar.they aren’t very popular names. Not unusual names, just not very popular.

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My son named his new daughter ZOEY.

Bazaar is like, a carnival thing, isn’t it?

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Bazaar, meaning unlikely and unusual.

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No…a “Bazaar” is:

1. a marketplace or shopping quarter, especially one in the Middle East.
2. a sale of miscellaneous contributed articles to benefit some charity, cause, organization, etc.
3. a store in which many kinds of goods are offered for sale; department store.

Like a flea market.

You’re thinking of “bizarre,” as in strange and weird.

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Oh. Hahahaha. I didn’t even realize I spelled it wrong until you pointed it out.

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Maybe those are good Z names?

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“Bizarre,” not so much!

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I had an awesome Black Spanish rooster named “Zorro” and another Jungle Fowl Rooster named ” Zanzibar.”
Zorro & Zanzibar” could be a boys name. lol

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I thought my name was odd.

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Ashlyn is not odd.

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I know two little girls, one named Peyton and the other Brooklyn. I also have an old friend whose daughter is named ‘Aja Monet”.

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My gf named her daughter “Aja,” and her son “Darius.” Not so odd when you get used to hearing them.

I like Peyton and Brook.

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If we’re going with weird names…my friend named her son Konian. Kind of sounds like Conan, but not when you pronounce it French like.

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Konian? haha
Sounds like a supernatural substance like Cryptonite. lol

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Some one who lives in Zzyzx Ca? or Someone who’s a big fan of Zzyzx the band?

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That sux.

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