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This is going to sound stupid, but where do you store your juicer machine?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) April 23rd, 2014

I’ve never really owned a juicer or a blender and I grew up in an apartment. Now, in my own apartment and a new owner of a juicer I don’t know storage procedures!

Do you put your juicer away after each use? Or do you have a space on the counter top dedicated to it? The reason I ask, and I feel so stupid for asking this question is because I’m only realizing now how small of a kitchen we are in.

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I think it would depend on space and usage. If you use it everyday, I would probably leave it out if you have the counter top space.
I personally don’t like to have things out on my counters except for my toaster which I use every day. Everything else is put up, but I have a lot of storage space.

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I’ll say that’s not a stupid question as I cannot find a good place for mine either. Kitchens obviously were not made for extra appliances with awkward and numerous attachments.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Do you just leave it out then? Hehe

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We leave ours on the counter because it’s more convenient, but we have plenty of counter top space.

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When I had one, I kept it on the counter. It was large and heavy; I was not prepared to schlep it around. Even dismantling it for washing was a pain. I finally got fed up with the whole process. A large glass of carrot juice, while delicious, generated about 10 lbs of pulp. Any spillage stained my clothes orange. (Juiceman, Jr.)

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Mine is in a cupboard under the counter where I most often use it. I don’t keep it out because it takes up a lot of space. if you are using it regularly it’s best to leave it on the countertop, in a corner. I use the mixer/grinder almost everyday so I have kept it on the counter (sideways against the wall).

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The appliances I use daily I keep out on my counter. For me that is a toaster and a toaster oven. That probably sounds crazy. LOL.

I prefer no appliances on the countertops, but I can’t be bothered putting an appliance away and taking it back out every day or even every other day. Once a week maybe I would bother to put it away, that would be my minimum I think. Even that is pushing it.

I think it is just personal preference. If I came to your house and saw a juicer on the counter I would not find it unusual or disorganized. I might ask what juice combinations you put together.

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Right now it’s on the counter because I use it every day. Once opim done with this cleanse I will probably put it in the pantry or a cubbard.
Which one did you end up buying?

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My juicer is in a big drawer under my least used counter and has been for about eleven years without any interruptions.

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@susanc That sounds like my squeezer juice thingy. I don’t like the one I bought when I first got married, and instead of buying one I do like, I just never squeeze any oranges or grapefruits. I have moved with it 5 times I think. Haven’t used it since the first house. Now I live back in FL and I can buy fresh squeezed right in the store again. The real deal, not Tropicana stuff.

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On the counter as far back against the wall as posibble.

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Yep, mine was on the counter, for about 3 years, until I gave it away. haha
Too much trouble.
It went with my eliptical that sat at the foot of my bed for 3 years too, with about 20 miles on it, a glorified bra hanger. lol

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