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What are other skin conditions that resemble a case of ringworm?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) April 23rd, 2014

My dermatology exam revealed that my skin infection is not ringworm . They took a biopsy what other infection or disease resembles a bad case of ringworm.

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If you keep using google you will find out that you have cancer.

Best to just ignore it and wait for the result of the biopsy.

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There is a fungus that displays as a ring. It is common in people that use tanning beds.
I always get little circles of dry skin in the winter/spring that are perfect crusty circles. My doc gives me a white prescription cream in a tube and it clears up.
Neither took a biopsy to diagnose. Sit tight, the docs will figure it out.

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It can be just from dryness. Do you tend to have dry skin? Could be a mild bacterial infection. Have you tried cortizone cream. A lot of doctors prescribe a cream that kills ringworm and also has a cortizone type agent in it so even if they guessed wrong it cures the problem. Your doctor actually did a biopsy, which I think is unusual, but probably a good thing. Is it a large area? Where is it located?

@GloPro Ringworm is a fungus.

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I know. This is a different one that resembles a case of ringworm that is associated with tanning, and kind of looks like vitaligo on tan skin, but thank you.

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@GloPro Oh, yes that is a form of tinea (a fungus). It isn’t cause by the sun, you just see it when you tan because the areas infected don’t tan. It can be from tanning beds and other places not wiped down and clean well. The OP said hers is not a fungus so I just didn’t understand your answer. Hopefully, the OP comes back and describes what hers looks like. If it is white or red or what. maybe if it is white it could be vitiligo? Or, if it is red it could be eczema?

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Lots of different fungus are called “ringworm”. A red rash could be anything. Just wait for the results.

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Why are you asking us if the testing is already in progress? (scratches head like a puzzled chimp)

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I asked because the results seem to be taking to long. However it has been disgnosed as psoriatic dermatitis.
thanks for all the help.

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