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Can you recommend some good cozy video series for me?

Asked by janbb (51643points) April 24th, 2014

Looking to distract myself with some engrossing fluff. I don’t like HBO-type graphic series like “The Sopranos” or druggie murder things like “Breaking Bad” or “The Wire.”

English cozies like “Call the Midwife” or “Doc Martin” are right what I need now.

Also, movie suggestions of things out on Netflix streaming that are light and fun would be welcomed.

Any suggestions?

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Yes! The Bletchley Circle. If you liked Sherlock, you’ll love this.

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This isn’t English, but I recently watched Twin Peaks again. It’s offbeat without being gory or too creepy.
Don’t watch wispy, sappy things for too long!

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As always, I highly recommend the Firefly series. Not exactly English cozies, but you’ll love the characters.

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@syz Oh yes. I’ve heard good things about it.

Don’t know if I need to watch “Twin Peaks” a second time but will check out “The Bletchley Circie.”

Thanks for the suggestions!

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I have always found “The Wonder Years” to be cozy. (although sometimes I get a bit wistful).
It is streaming on Netflix.

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I use Roseanne and Game of Thrones for comfort tv. Also Star Trek, but somehow I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

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If you like British comedy, hubby and I loved Father Ted and Black Books. He’s also a big fan of Are you being served?, but I’ve never warmed up to it. Found Black Books on Netflix.

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Last Tango in Halifax fits all your criteria. It’s BBC, stars Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid, and combines both Facebook and geriatric love.

“Celia and Alan are both widowed and in their seventies. When their respective grandsons put their details on Facebook they rediscover, a passionate relationship that started over sixty years ago.”

Filmed in charming west Yorkshire, there are 12 episodes.

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@gailcalled Watched “Last Tango” when it was on tv and did really enjoy it.

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OK. How about The Paradise, from a novel by Emile Zola about a fin de siecle department store. Two seasons so far (2012 and 2013) and season three coming soon to PBS.

Or Lark Rise to Candleford? Five seasons of that and still going strong.

Both of there are period pieces with great costumes and production values and good enough acting and story lines to be fun…not as wonderful as Doc. Martin but B+ on all accounts.

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You might like Midsomer Murders and there are lots of episodes on YouTube. Also Jonathan Creek.

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@flutherother Aww, Jonathan Creek is wonderful, if a little dated now.

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@syz Good point. Maybe it only has the comforting effect on those of us who have been reading the books in a continuous loop for over a decade now. For me and my fiance the series is a visit with old friends, and nothing that happens is surprising. I can see how this may not be the case for GoT noobies :) But still, you may find yourself settling more into the “comfort zone” after a few viewings of each episode – with the exception of the gory parts, you’ve got to admit it has a certain…lush, medieval, laid-back feel to it, by and large.

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@syz I was just about to mention firefly. Obviously.
Some others would be “dead like me” or “jericho”

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Oh weird – I had edited my initial comment to include Simon Schama’s series The Story of the Jews, but it didn’t stick. I’m a big fan of Schama’s writing, and also his series The Power of Art. Both series are excellent.

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Farscape, Babylon 5, Star Trek TNG and DS9, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Mitchell and Webb

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@dappled_leaves I heard Schama on the radio and liked him. Those are good ideas too.

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I second @gailcalled‘s recommendation of Lark Rise To Candleford.

Little Dorrit is similar. I enjoyed it.

Cranford is in the same category…again I enjoyed it.

I find all of the various Jane Austen BBC mini series/TV shows to be worthwhile.

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@SpatzieLover I have seen most of those and agree but not “Lark Rise…”

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Watching first episode of “All Creatures Great and Small.” Probably have seen it before but good and cozy for a time like this.

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Why not go for a nostalgia bender, Old I love Lucy, Bewitched, Little House on the Prairie, Gilligans Island, Andy Griffith. I have all of those sets, very cozy and comforting.
I can never get enough of Agnes Moorehead as Endora…she was the bomb, I wanna be Endora when I’m older. lol

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@Coloma Not a bad idea. Or “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.

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Also Dragnet and Adam 12. I miss Nick at Nite.

Judging Amy used to be my guilty pleasure show; might be up your alley.

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I rewatched the entire “I, Claudius” series during my rehab last fall. The original videos had been transferred to DVDs. Even though I had loved watching them in 1976, now it was painful. The production values were embarrassing and there were none of the computer enhancements now available everywhere.

I also did enjoy “MIdsomer Murders” very much…all those English villages and charming English village idiosyncratic characters were wonderful. The detective chief inspector and his seargent were low-key, and there wasn’t too much blood and gore. During the dozens of episodes, season after season, the best of the British actors and actresses had cameos. Familiar faces appear in every episode along with the recurring permanent cast. It is fun trying to identify them

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Haven’t yet read any of the other replies, so I’ll recommend Midosmer Murders (thanks to @gailcalled) and Monarch of the Glen, Cranford, and an older series (with the young and beautiful Alan Rickman) The Barchester Cronicles. That should keep you busy for awhile…

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The BBC TV series All Creatures Great and Small (1978–1990) after the book by James Heriot of Yorkshire. I think you would really enjoy it, especially after Frodo. It’s really not all that fluffy, but it is feel-good. The complete collection of 7 seasons, totaling 87 episodes on 28 discs is available for sale for a small fortune here at Amazon, or for rent here on Netflix, or can be downloaded one episode at a time from here at

Ooops. I see you’ve already thought of that. Nevermiiiiiind!

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@Espiritus_Corvus Come up and watch it with me tonight? Or I’ll come down and watch it with you and Betsy and Sam and the gantzeh mishpocheh.

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^^^That was a great series, I watched it faithfully in the early 80’s for months on PBS.

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@janbb Yes, we can watch it tonight, that would be very nice. I’ll bring Sam. He’s very good inside, a real gentleman. Being a black and white border collie, he always wears his tux. But Betsy might try to eat your couch, and if we don’t let her, she’ll probably kick holes in your walls. Otherwise, she’s very sweet. She can stay home tonight.

I’ll also bring a nice hearty, peasant Sangiovese to go with my vert fromage de chèvre de la maison if you will bring something to spread it on. (It’s really not that bad this month. It’sgetting better!) And maybe a garlicky italian summer sausage. And a fresh, warm baguette. And fresh fruit?

Was ist das gantzeh mishpocheh? I’ve run it through four translators, including Yiddsh, and I get nada. I’m just a boy goy, remember?

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gantzeh mishpocheh – the whole family. Probably spelled a million different ways.

I just made some killer brownies we can have for afters.

Too bad Sam couldn’t have shown Frodo the ropes.

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Brownies! Definitely. With ice- cold milk. I’ve not had any since before Thanksgiving 2012. We’ll start on the brownies around episode four. Is it still cold there at night? It’s been ages since I cuddled on a couch under an eider comforter against a body I didn’t stick to. One of the drawbacks of the tropics. The wine goes down better in that weather as well.

Yes. I’m sorry about Frodo.

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Hey…I get to bring the brownies you guys!
Let’s give Betsy a Happy Brownie and watch her get the munchies. lol

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Edit: Lets.

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@Coloma You were right the first time.

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@janbb Oh man..serious dyslexia moment. haha

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“All Creatures” is perfection until the first Helen takes another acting job, luckily well into the series. The new Helen does not cut it.

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And it is very discomfiting to see Christopher Timothy (James Herriot) act as the same adoring and sensitive husband to the second Helen. It breaks the fourth wall.

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Started “Lark Rise to Candleford” last night and I think that will work for me.

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It’s still running (apparently forever) here, on Sunday evenings on PBS from 7 -8 before Call the Midwife,” and “Mr.Selfredge.” And it is Bates, without the limp.

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@gailcalled Yes, I posted that on FB. He is one of my favorite characters on tv.

It does look like there are lots of seasons.

I watched 15 minutes of the first “Mr Selfridge” and thought it was one of the most wooden and boring things I could ever imagine.

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It is. But at 9:00 with everything aching, it does pass the time. And the costumes and settings are gorgeous. Distract yourself with the lamps, the tea services, the wall paper and the hairdos.

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Mmmmmm Mr. Bates : P

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@gailcalled Can’t get past the bad acting on that one.

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Scroll down on this Site (about Downton Abbey characters in their early years) to see a incredibly sexy hot lovely picture of Mr. Bates. Rowwwrrrrrr.

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I was going to say “Downton Abbey” which is perfect, but I see that’s been covered. I’m going to suggest “Broadchurch” which is not cozy, but gripping. I wouldn’t recommend it if you need cheering up, but it serves well as a distraction. I’m so sorry about Frodo…hugs. Feel better soon!

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