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What are you thoughts on the new Georgia gun law that allows guns in some bars, schools and churches?

Asked by Dutchess_III (35069points) April 24th, 2014

Here is the article.

I just can’t believe anyone would think guns in bars would be a good idea.

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Is this the same thing from yesterday?

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:( Yes. I looked before I posted, but missed that.

Good bye cruel world!!

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I’M NOT A BAD APPLE!!! Just a redundant apple.

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It seems that more people are hurt or killed by guns in states that have gun control laws than in areas which allow carrying guns (including concealed guns).
I don’t have any statistics on that but I’m sure the study is out there.

Apparently you can garner more respect from the drinker next to you when everyone thinks everyone else is armed.

And even a nutball or a loose screw wouldn’t start shooting up a theater or a school if he thought he would get gunned down within seconds of him opening fire.

However I do think there should be an age limit and perhaps we shouldn’t just yet be arming the children. We can probably afford extra security precautions at schools without arming the kids.

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I agree. No one under the age of 5 should be allowed to carry a gun.

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