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Why am I not able to post comments, questions, etc. to Fluther on my sister's computer?

Asked by bea2345 (6201points) April 24th, 2014

For some two weeks, I have been unable to post questions or comments to Fluther using my sister’s computer. She says that there is nothing wrong with her machine (I don’t have a computer these days). I can give Good Answer, Good Question, responses but nothing else. Now I am in a cyber cafĂ©, using a hired machine and I am getting all the responses I need. What is wrong?

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When you are on your sister’s computer, are you logged in using your user name and password?

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You haven’t provided any information about your sister’s computer. Please provide: OS, browser, and browser version for starters. You will also want to disable plugins/extensions for an initial test.

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She probably has Javascript disabled on her browser.

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@Wealthadvisor -I am now logged on my sister’s computer using my user name and password (I successfully changed my Fluther password but it did no good).
@hominid -I am using Explorer today. Normally I use Mozilla Firefox. My sister appears to use both Explorer and Mozilla. And you know what, I seem to be OK again. Could it be the browser? My sister’s OS is Windows 7: I have no idea how to verify this because she is out.
@PhiNotPi -When she comes in I will ask her to check. As I am using a guest account and out of courtesy I don’t think I can inspect the machine too deeply.

Thanks to all of you. I would like some more answers. If there is something wrong with Mozilla Firefox, it would be good to know what it is.

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