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Is there a program that allows for free VOIP?

Asked by scrappy (23points) July 3rd, 2008

Just curious to if there is a program out there that will allow for complete free VOIP. If you have any imput on VOIP feel free to let me know how it works. thanks alot

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Skype is free or are you meaning free to landlines?

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well I am mainly interested in being able to call landlines or possibly someones cell phone. if it is possible, I’d rather just be able to call someones landline without them having to have a computer or have specific software on their line. I have a family member who doesn’t have the internet and can only get dial-up if they were to get it. I myself don’t own a cell phone and call using calling cards. however i do have cable internet and it seems that there should be something out there that would be able to benefit from todays technology to allow for cable to landline phone calls. preferably free.

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