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What is the "federated" section?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14754points) April 24th, 2014

Yesterday I saw a notification from Dr. J saying one of my questions had been moved to “federated section”. I had never seen any section called “federated” before, and of course it wasn’t visible anywhere. Out of curiosity, I clicked on my question, only to be greeted by the fat jelly-eater king and the “we couldn’t find XXX” sentence.

My question has been back now, but I’m still curious of the “federated” section. Can anyone tell me what it is?

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Contact “PhiNotPi” in his capacity as mod. He can explain.

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The Federated section was when Fluther made it where you could put a mini Fluther on other websites. Next to the Meta button there was a Federated button so we could see questions coming in from other sites that had implemented the feature. I think only two sites ever actually used this. It was a cool idea but before they really got it going Twitter bought Andrew and Ben.

edit: more info here.

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IYAAAAAAH! So that stupid question of mine was publicized?

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Well, the Federated thing is dead so I wouldn’t worry. Your shame is comfortably contained here. Someone just clicked the wrong button.

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{Mod says} I’ll fess up, I clicked the wrong button yesterday on my tablet. That can happen every once in a while, but all moderation actions can be undone.

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THAT explains ALL my moderation @PhiNotPi! They were all mistakes! I feel so much better now!

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Keep telling yourself that.

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