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What if God disapproves of Canonization? Miraculous disasters?

Asked by whitenoise (14108points) April 24th, 2014

Just heard that in Italy a 100 foot statue of Christ collapsed, which was built in honor of one of the popes that will be canonized, coming Sunday. In its collapse, it killed a 21 year old student.

Now all kinds of positive miracles are used as a justification for canonization. They are to be seen as signs of God. So how about signs that God doesn’t agree… Are these also taken into consideration? Should they?

BTW… Please don’t derail this into a religion is nonsense / always attacked thread. I am just wondering if it would be conceivable that God could give negative signals besides the positive as well, in the modern world view we have of Him.

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Do you think the statue collapsing was God’s way of showing disapproval for Christ or for the 21 year old student who died?

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No, I don’t think God would express himself that way. And anyways, I would be thinking of disaproval of the canonization of the pope in whose honour the statue was erected.

It made me think of this topic though.

If the statue would have cried tears of blood, or had a man that touched it, been healed from cancer, then it would likely be seen many as a miracle. A miracle that can be attributed to the one the statue was dedicated to. I am wondering if a reverse relationship could also be percieved.

How do you see this?

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These things are only “signs” if they support their agenda. Otherwise it is either “satan” or “god works in mysterious ways”.

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If there’s a God working around these parts than I figure she doesn’t drop statues on people to teach someone else a lesson.
If there’s a God, than there’s a devil, and surely this sort of lesson is more up his alley.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. The debil did it!

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I think a lot of it boils down to the song Would Jesus Wear A Rolex

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I think it says far more about man’s inability to effectively account for the tremendous influence of the law of gravity than it does about anything God either thinks or doesn’t think.

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^^^^ It is interesting that although we can utilize many of their properties, true understanding of such principles as gravity and electro-magnetic propulsion and cold fusion continue to elude most of the “great minds” of the last few hundred years.

There seems to be a growing acknowledging among some of the cleverer of us who believe that at one time in our early history we actually did utilize laws of physics and put them to work for us. Anti-gravity vehicles propelled via electro-magnetism.
But apparently the civilizations were not so advanced as to defeat invading barbarians and also some of these poor devils destroyed their own societies by power mishaps and weapons mishaps. (Yes, apparently most folks feel na need to make a bigger gun when they discover a better form of gun powder).

Of course if we could get cold fusion to work, some poor lab assistant would push the wrong button after one too many margaritas and cablooey…like an episode of “Lost.”

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