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(Extremely stupid question) How can I report a spammer?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14659points) April 25th, 2014

I know this question has been asked before, that’s why I categorized it as “extremely stupid”.

I know some ways to report a spammer: using this contact page or PM to the mods directly. I have tried to report some spammers to @muppetist but I’m not sure if he has received my message.

Are those methods correct? Is there any more methods? How can I report a spammer?

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There is a Flag As button in the lower right.

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Those are the correct methods. Generally, flagging the evidence of Spam will be adequate.

@johnpowell – I don’t think we have a flag on user profile pages at this time. It’s something I’ve wished for many times through the years.

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@hearkat Thanks. I’ve just discovered a spammer who signed up on April 22nd. Their profile clearly indicates that they’re a spammer.

I think I only need to link you to the profile and you’ll see.

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@Mimishu1995 – Profile spammers are common; sending a link to their page via the Contact page is the best way, since those messages go to all Mods.

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Oh. If you want to report a user and not a question or answer that is different. Contact button is probably your best bet there.

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First you send them a message…“Go to hell you dirty bastard” then flag them.

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@Cruiser Spammer, not spam thread.

But I’ll take your word and send similar message to them as a warning :D

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I think there actually used to be a profile flagging feature that allowed members to flag specific users instead of their posts. This would be helpful when it comes to “profile spammers,” which are users who post advertisements on their profile. The downside would be the potential for abuse.

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@PhiNotPi – I don’t recall there ever being a profile flag (granted, there were gaps of months when I did not visit the site). I’m not sure I understand what “potential abuse” you mean, since the current flag system is not really conducive to abuse.

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@Cruiser – As noted on @Mimishu1995‘s recent Question about attacks, any attack or joking comments on spam or trolling posts have to be moderated, which is why we prefer that people just flag them and don’t comment at all. Similarly, when someone sees any violations of guidelines, it is preferred that you flag them and otherwise not reference the errors within the post.

Those comments that react to spam, bad details, trolls, bad grammar, attacks, misspellings, or flame-bait often result in others responding to that comment, and then we have to remove all of those as well since they no longer have a context. Leaving a public comment in the threads about something that needs correction or moderation only creates a bigger mess for us to clean up, which makes the thread look bad after all the nonsense has been pulled.

Please just flag violations of the Guidelines and move on. If it is within the 10-minute editing period, one could always send a Private Message to the Jelly who posted it to bring it to their attention so they might catch it in time to make corrections.

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@hearkat Reminds me of that language duel nonsense on a spam thread earlier this morning…


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Yeah, thanks for that, @Mimishu1995 ~ I got to spend my first few minutes of being awake this morning cleaning all that up.

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@hearkat Did you see my Japanese? Is it cool? ~ guess not…

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@Cruiser Lol. That was funny.

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I just have to say this-p:

Who ever is on spam patrol is really doing a fantastic job. As a former mod, I follow about 300 high-potential-for-spam questions. I went through several just now that were triggered with new responses and all but one had spam removed!


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@ cruiser: Fact is spammers don’t care if you flag them or even tell them off.. It’s like a bad singer who keeps coming back because the people can’t believe how bad he is so they keep watching which the bad singer interprets as fans. The only time a spammer cares is when the provider finally closes their account and then they only shrug then find another place to troll.

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@chewhorse Dr. J always feed the spammers to the big fat jelly-eater king. And that’s the reason why spammers have a harder time here.

And no one care for my Japanese… どうして?

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@chewhorse Of course…spammers are no different than boiler room cold callers and have just as thick skin as it is all in a days work. In the end they only get paid if you click.

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