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Asked by janbb (51204points) April 25th, 2014

As most of you know, I’ve had to surrender my dear biting Frodo to the foster home where I got him. She was willing to take him back but does not work with the rescue organization that had placed him there. She does rescue for another organization now and seems to be in a vendetta with the old one. For some reason, she told the original one that I was bringing Frodo back and they have been writing or calling daily and harassing me that I have to deal with them. I wrote an e-mail to them in response to phone call messages saying what I was doing and why and they are continuing to contact me. I did not sign a contract them.

Got another e-mail today from the rescue org lady saying she can’t believe I dumped the dog without talking to her and that she had told me not to do that.

My question is: I am tempted to write a nasty note back saying “guess you don’t control the whole world” or should I just not engage as I had told her I wouldn’t?

This is making a very sad situation much worse.

Sorry for the long maisa.

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