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How many songs are in your iTunes library?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) July 3rd, 2008

I’ve bought all my music in my iTunes library, not because I don’t know alternatives, but because I like my collection organized with album art and tags.

I started really buying music about a year ago, to start my collection. As of right now, I have 1839 songs, all legal.

How about you?

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16502 songs, 39.2 days, 77.54 GB

Mostly stolen.

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That must be hell to transfer in the event of moving your files to a new HDD. You’d have time to go on vacation during that time, although FireWire helps.

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I back-up all the time. It takes about two hours on a Firewire drive. I normally do it before sleep. In the morning I am set.

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2383 Songs, 33 Movies, 23.48 GB, I lost all my TV shows in a dropped external hard drive accident, but I stole a bunch of movies, TV shows, and music and Time Machined them to a better HD that I won’t drop.

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4319 songs, 11,2 days, 18.55 GB

a lot is legal, just some hard to come by albums or bootlegs, sometimes i go and download an album, and when i like it after a day, i purchace it…

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214 GB.
About 79 GB is legal.

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2196 songs = 11.36Gb
over 200Gb movies

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4207 songs, 80–85% are legal. Most of the rest are bootleg cause they are to find or out of print albums.

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1714 songs. When I first got my iPod I uploaded a bunch of my old cds to my list, my regret now is that I only added some songs from each disc rather than the whole cd and now my cds are giving out on me. I wish I had just uploaded everything.

Most of my stuff is from a cd and the rest is downloaded from iTunes. Honestly, I have iTunes money just sitting there because I can’t make up my mind on what I want next but people keep giving me iTunes cards!

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2596 songs, 6.8 days, 9.87 GB

about 15 of those songs are legal

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927 songs, 2.5 days, 4.74 GB. All are legal, actually. I used to have 4,000 or so on bootleg, but then I realised I only listened to about 20% of it, so I scrapped it all and started out fresh.

I’m a huge user and subscriber, so when I feel like listening to something new I often go for that. I <3

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3878 songs, 10.1 days, 16.79 GB.

probably 8 gigs or so are stolen? Is there a way to know for sure?

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Technically, a song is “stolen” if you rip it from a CD.

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The RIAA is a joke. I’ve seeded over 1000 gigs of music on BitTorrent and Limewire and they’re none the wiser. Big music company’s would rather attack grandmother’s and nine year-olds than actually fix their ailing business practices.

Want to support the artist? Attend to their concerts, buy a t-shirt while you’re there. Because paying for a CD is only helping their label.

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@beast: Technically, no it’s not. This has already been proven in court. The music industry is making efforts to change this, though.

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Actually shockvalue that’s not always true. Take The Flashbulb for instance. He owns his own label Alphabasic and some others sell their music under his label and they get most of the profit. Yes for giant companies it’s not always true but there are a number of exceptions :) Also a lot of the artists I listen to don’t do concerts, or at least ones I can get into or ones I’d like to go to. As for my music collection:

~4000 songs in total
~2000 that I actually have on my iPod (not due to size restrctions, due to the fact that I listen to it)

I have about 40 physical CDs (at about £10 each that’s about £400, but some cost more some cost less) and have spent about erm, ~£300 on iTunes? Considering I’m a student without a job it’s not bad eh ;)

The other half is mainly taken from a friend of mine who took it off a friend of his, it’s all stuff I don’t listen to (mainly Rap, RnB and other popular artists (supposedly))

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Just over 5k.

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3477 Songs – 18.84gb – 11.6 days
About 96 percent of my collection is illegal.

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43,224 items, 120.3 days, 248.39 GB.

8 movies, 100 or so TV shows.

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WTF has 6010… Woo Woo, None illegal.
These are also on his 30gb iPod with very little room to spare.

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On my laptop hard drive i have 1197 songs 11.21gb, Those are my favorite songs at the moment. There are synced with my appleTV, But I also have a 500GB external firewire drive that has 477 gigs filled with 99% music. I will exercise my right to remain silent when it comes to the legality issue

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about 2000 songs here

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3309, 8days12hours10seconds 16.38gb. I’d say about 2/5 legal.

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Too many.

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36,205 on my laptop (174.88 GB), but I’m missing about 10,000 songs from my desktop.

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I love looking back at these discussions, I now have about 600 more songs :)

2436 to be exact.

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95% of my music collection is illegal. 100% of my movie and TV shows collection is illegal :)

9201 songs, 25.9 days, 52.40GB + 38.92GB movies + 119.46GB TV shows.

I’ve only bought 2 songs from Apple Store and the remaining 5% are from old CD’s (that I don’t buy since 1999)

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@bvdshec17 i’m proud of you….

fcking poser….

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My collection is quite varied. I pirate, not going to lie.

Let’s see I’ve bought over $1,000+ of music/movies from iTunes and then upgraded some when they were available with the “iTunes Plus” $0.30 update.

I’d say the rest of my 2500 are mostly downloaded off the interwebs and I actaully went through my library one time and singled out the “m4p tracks” (protected to iTunes, iPods) and replaced them with downloaded ones of much higher quality and obviously freely to use anywhere I want.

That’s my rant :) OH WOW. My songs were at 1800 at this time? wowwww. I have 3500+ now :)

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@iwamoto I was just answering the question.. Don’t see what’s wrong with that

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I have 758 items in my iTunes library, and about 7.4 GB of podcasts.

Most of my iTunes items are ripped from CDs (mine or others), only a handful are downloaded legally, and some are pirated.

(I prune my iTunes library a lot, because I have OCD tendencies. If I’m not listening to it, why leave it in my library?)

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