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What is your best feature and how do you think you would cope if you "lost" it?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) April 25th, 2014

What do you feel is your best feature, athletic legs, beautiful eyes, a knack for trivia? How do you think you would cope if an accident or illness destroyed your best feature? Do you think it would affect your sense of self?

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My left foot, I fear if I lost it i’d hop about the place while adopting the acting style of Daniel Day Lewis.

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My upbeat personality is my best feature. If I lost it I would cope with methamphetamine.

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I have fabulous hair. It’s very thick, straight, and healthy, chestnut-colored with natural highlights. It has enough body to hold a style for days, and it never frizzes. Thank you, Nature, for giving me hair that looks terrific when I roll out of bed in the morning. Other women use all sort of styling products, along with blow-dryers and straightening irons, to get their hair to look this way.

Yes, I’d be very upset if I lost my hair. (Of course, if my hair fell out because of chemotherapy, I suppose I’d be grateful just to be alive. My hair-self-love would take on a new, and more appropriate, reality.)

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My open mind and sense of humor.

If I lost these things I would cope by becoming just another sad sack, head down and shuffling New York’s sidewalks, blaming everyone else and everything for my problems

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I would be in pieces if I lost my loving heart.

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Most people think of their personalities, senses of humor, and ability to love. As for shallow, vain Lori, my answer was, “My hair! My hair! It’s freakin’ perfect!!!” :-)

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I was going to say hair, too. For all of the same reasons. I would make a great horse. My hair, teeth and nails are all strong and healthy. I think there is a common component in them. Whatever that component is would be my best feature.

If I lost it I would have cavities and a bald spot.

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My brains, my sense of humor, and my compassion. I don’t care about physical crap. Yes, I work my body when I can and I care how I look, but it’s what’s inside of me that’s cool. I lose my brain I throw in the towel.

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When I lose my sense of humour. I don’t put much importance on losing my looks since age is chewing away at them fast. Yes it hurts, but what can one do. Bugger all really.

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I have lost most of my best attributes. It crushed me, leaving me bitter and forlorn for quite some time. I work hard every day to move forward, and find new ways to love me. It helps that my daughter loves me. I try to see me from her eyes sometimes, to remind myself I still matter, still have uses, still have contributions to make.

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Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I were the Vanity woman in the movie Seven lol.

I like my sense of humor and naive curiosity. If I lose that, then I’m just another bitter unhappy person.

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I have no idea what my “best feature” is. I’m not sure that’s for me to judge.

Sense of humor?
Deep voice?
Loyalty, reliability?
Autodidactic nature?
Work ethic?

I like all those and would be less of me were I to lose them.

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@GloPro ” My hair, teeth and nails are all strong and healthy.”

Same here. Maybe you’re onto something; perhaps you and I are part equine. I loved watching “Mr. Ed,” after all.

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Life is all about change. See a filmstrip about my life change that I recently put here

1½ years ago my marathon legs, heart and lungs were my best features and I’ve lost them (slip-fall on ice, heart atrial fibrillation and pulmonary embolism). I cope by doing 45 minutes of calisthenics, swim 20 minutes, 60 minutes of stationary bike or Nordic Track or 6 mile walk per day. Also I work extra hard at work.

Injury and age has changed who I used to be, the marathon runner and triathlete (I completed 59 full marathons). Who am I now? I’m just an old guy trying to enjoy life I guess. Sure, I miss the the old me but c’est la vie!

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Thoughtfulness, I think? Any time I say something, even if it seems totally off the deep end, it’s something I’ve arrived at through long open-minded deliberation. If that were gone, my whole personality would be totally different. The people around me might have trouble dealing with it, but I would be totally confuzzled.

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Skin, hair and teeth…. all associated with the health and growth of skin. Fortunate are those who can claim these attributes, @SadieMartinPaul, @GloPro.

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