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How much of a babysitting commitment do you think this message would be asking of you (details inside)

Asked by FlyingWolf (2815points) April 25th, 2014

Earlier this week I received this message from my step-daughter: “Can you and Dad watch the girls one night this weekend?” We don’t watch her kids regularly but try to be available when needed, so we said yes to the babysitting gig. We have never babysat overnight for her, and it never even crossed my mind that they would be sleeping over. It was hard for me to conceal my surprise when I asked when she would be picking them up and she said some time tomorrow. I don’t have an aversion to them sleeping over, Aside from the fact that when asked when they go to bed she said no later than 11 – they are 7 & 5 and will be in bed well before 11. but she was so shocked by my surprise I am wondering if I missed something in her message. Any thoughts?

FYI, DH saw the message and he didn’t realize it was a sleepover either.

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I would have phrased the message “Can you and Dad watch the girls overnight?” not “one night”. The latter is far too open-ended (evening? late evening? close to midnight?)

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“One night” is different from “overnight.” You are correct, particularly since this is a one-off.
(Who’s DH?)

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Dear Husband

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I agree with @muppetish she was unclear about what exactly ” one night” meant.
Miscommunication and yep, my daughter was in bed by 8 when she was 5 and 7.
11 p.m. is waay too late for little kids to still be up.
Children grow at night, like Pumpkins….good night little squash blossoms. haha

P.S. I would clarify the pick up time not just “sometime in the afternoon.”
Will they be picked up at 1p.m. or 5p.m. You can then plan your day accordingly.

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Your surprise was certainly warranted considering how her request was worded. I don’t know why she was so shocked. The imprecision was hers.

All in all not such a biggie and perhaps she’ll learn to be more precise in the future (or you will take extra care to make sure she is :) just a minor communication glitch.

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I guess the A didn’t fall far from the T, though, did it?

The purpose of communication being clarity, you both leave something to be desired.

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Well, now you know. My experience was similar, but it was for days with no set pick up.

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Just point out the pitfalls of words in texts that can be misinterpreted as in “one night” and in the future to be a tad more specific as to exactly what it is you are asking of us. You are blessed to have grandkids to watch over and your daughter is equally blessed to still have you both around to be part of these child(s) lives. Enjoy every minute of it!

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