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If your spouse/partner could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) July 3rd, 2008

Hold nothing back! Now come on guys and gals, you get only one wish? Do you want him (her) to be more what? To give more what? Show more what?

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Give me super powers, and then I would fly, and do stuff I guess.

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Honesty would be nice. I’m not a trusting person and it would be nice to know the person I was with was honest. The trust thing usually fucks up most of my relationships.

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Allow me to vent all fears, concerns, doubts, frustrations, etc. without overreacting or getting too worried.

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a house filled with all my desires (the complete inventory of dijkman guiar store, a ton of apple computers, so a few mac pro’s, macbook pro’s, etc etc etc)

that’s what i’d wish for

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I’m pretty sure the question isn’t about magical genie powers. But more specifically, what would you like from your partner.

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To answer said question. Nothing. At this moment tin time, I am perfectly content with my current relationship.

… well, my right arm could be a little stronger.

I kid

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oh in that case, that she’d understand me, that would be a good one, it seems that’s the trouble i always have…

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I would wish that my spouse would understand my need for complete solitude while working. No interuptions, no guilt, no coming into the studio out of boredom or feeling the need ” to be close”

If I could just have my work time I would be a much better spouse after hours.

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To understand men aren’t that complicated.
No, means No.
Yes, means yes.
I like that, means that I like it.

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The Jobs Touch (Like the Midas Touch but can turn stuff into Apple items)

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I must just be a perv, but my relationship is so solid that I can’t think of anything I need from her other than a little more, ummm, adventure in the bedroom.

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If my spouse could grant me anything material, I would wish for a trip around the world. If my spouse could only grant me some improvement in himself, I would want him to initiate more communication. Sometimes now if I don’t think to ask it, he does not think to tell me.

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… time to spend together

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No trust issues between the both of us.

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Leave me alone for a couple hours!! peace pleeez!!

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I would wish for the ability to shape peoples bodies to what they want, or for my wife to be able to control her size with a thought. If she wants to wear skinny pants “poof” they fit, wants to be curvy and sensuous “poof”, curves aplenty. I love her however she looks, but I know that would make her happier.

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i wish she’d make the first move in the bedroom sometimes. men love to be wanted.

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@cc34 What’s her email? I can send that as a suggestion.

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To CONTROL his TEMPER (If that is not an option) then MORE PATIENCE!

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@sccrowell I second that!

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I actually couldn’t be happier… So I just wish his semen tasted like maple syrup.

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Putting away all her ideas and preoccupations about what I´m telling her (or should be telling), and really – I mean really trying to understand all those stupid whims of mine. That´s a tough one, I know.

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hahaha. Well…. Its true!

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Just think caviar.

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Tell him to eat alot of maple syrup! Then you mix up some Hungry Jack for him, and you can have breakfast in bed!!

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hahahaha! Good plan! Except then I’d be asking questions about stains on my sheets!

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ha ha!! Now that would be a sticky situation!!

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The only thing I want from her is to be here. Or me there. Just wish we were together now.

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I was thinking maybe I would want to know what a female orgasm feels like. Everyone always says they are so much better and more powerful. I would like to know for myself. I have had some that have left me weak in the knees, with my heart pounding so hard I thought I would die, and hardly able to breath. If womens are better than that you are some lucky creatures.

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She would have already granted my one wish, when she BECAME my wife.

August 28, 2008, 6:09 AM EDT

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to live many many years next to me

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That he would go spend Christmas with his family and leave me alone to enjoy the quiet by myself.

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I wish him to more than just want to be healthier, I want him to become healthier.

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To give me “phenomenal cosmic powers!”

Seriously, I would wish that she got healthier habits.

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