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Would I need a trademark or copyright for Turtlesandbox Photography?

Asked by turtlesandbox (1875points) April 25th, 2014

How do I make the name mine. I have the perfect surname to advertise my amatuer photography and I would like to make sure the name belongs to me and no one else.

Where do I start?
What will this cost me?

Thank you!

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You register it with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The video will guide you through the process. Good Luck!

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In addition to what @zenvelo writes, I would purchase the domain name.

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Commercial Work=Trademark

Artist=No Trademark Needed (You simply go to galleries and present your work and your work speaks for yourself)

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This is all so very new to me so thank you so much for the information everyone.

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Yes if you are really vesting on making it big in business.

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