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Best website or app to help improve spelling?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) April 26th, 2014

My spelling is pretty bad especially writing down on paper compared to typing as I work a lot off muscle memory.

Is there an app where they will test me on random words and words I spell incorrectly they will test me on later on to help me improve?

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You would be better off learning how to spell by sounding out the words.

Get the book “Breaking the Spelling Barrier” by Sister Mary Caroline. You will learn to spell like a pro and never look back.

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A good spell checker software is worth it’s weight in gold. MS Word and even Firefox have really great spell/grammar on the fly checkers that help keep my brain farts to a minimum.

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Just ask a bunch of questions on Fluther for a few weeks and you will see an improvement immediately. We don’t hold back on our inner grammar nazi & we love leaving rude commentary.

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I have Firefox as my browser and it does such a good job of spell checking that my spelling gets worse by the day. I get lazier and lazier, knowing that Firefox has my back on spelling, @Cruiser.

There are Fluther members that are ‘given a pass’ because their English usage is so consistently poor, @cheebdragon. Even questions are not held to standard English.

For these reasons, I would have to give @Dan_Lyons book serious consideration.

Personally I learned my vocabulary by reading, and I was more interested in the story than the mechanics, and my spelling has always been borderline. If you’re still doing a lot of longhand writing, you might still be in school, and if you’re still taking classes there might be tutorial help available. Ironically, I once tutored a Senior in college on spelling (I was soph.), but I don’t remember what success we had, if any.

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Pretty sure this was asked by a fairly new member so I doubt they get much of a pass yet.

If you just need to improve spelling, try some word games like scrabble or the kind that make you spell as many words as you can with a limited amount of letters. If you own a Wii they have a game called My Words, it tracks your progress and focuses on what you need to work on before you can reach a higher level of communication.

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Wow. The Wii “My Words” sounds like it might be exactly what @Questionsaboutstuff is looking for, @cheebdragon.

There are some super cool games on Miriam-Webster, but I don’t remember if any of them are for spelling instead of vocabulary.

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