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Is anyone out there really good with Camera+ for iPhone?

Asked by keobooks (14276points) April 26th, 2014

I keep reading all these reviews on Camera+ that say it’s the best replacement for the default camera on the iPhone. I open it up and am a bit befuddled with the options. I look for tips and I see basic camera tips, like “Use the rule of thirds” I just want to know what all the buttons and features do, why and when should I use them and how these things will make my pics better.

Anyone good with Camera+ or know a good website for it?

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I have Camera+ as my primary camera in my dock, but wind up using the built-in camera because i can access it more quickly through the lock screen. I do then import those photos into camera+ for editing, because I like their UI and the options, like The Lab.

I wish I could make it accessible from the lock screen, because I like that the stabilizer won“t take the shot until you are still – which is a challenge for me. I like that you can set and lock the focus and exposure, and even the white balance independently, but haven’t used it enough to really master it.

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