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What is a seemingly ubiquitous fact of contemporary life you opt out of, and can you tell us what this dismissal reveals about you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30373points) April 26th, 2014

Life in the 21st century is diverse. There are many parts of contemporary life that the masses participate in, yet there are always people who choose to dismiss some activities.

I play no computer or video games of any kind. I have no games of any kind on my smartphone or tablet. When I was a teenager, my parents won an Atari Pong game somewhere, and we hooked it up to the television. I remember playing it, but I don’t remember how much. Honestly, the last type of any sort of technological game I remember playing was something during my college years back in the early 1980s at an arcade. I haven’t played any type of computer or video game for thirty years.

I simply don’t find them amusing. I hold no thoughts as to their worth. I’m glad my children enjoy them. I don’t begrudge anyone the time they spend playing these games. I choose not to participate.

I think dismissing this area of contemporary technological life demonstrates that I need a different kind of interpersonal entertainment. I need to feel engaged with other people. I still greatly enjoy playing cards and other types of games with other people. I love good conversation. I think I need the human touch that I don’t feel with computer or video games.

Fluther is almost like a game to me. It entertains me. I like the idea of gathering information from real people and laughing at some of the questions and answers. We can be a silly bunch at times.

Is there an area of contemporary life in any of the vast array of existence that the majority seem to participate in that you choose not to? What does your choice say about you?

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Social activity.
It reveals my superiority, and that I am above mingling with ordinary mortals.

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Television. I can’t stand the shallowness and/or mindless violence that passes for TV entertainment these days.

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@janbb It’s funny you mention television. I watch only one show regularly, Cosmos. I never have the television on, unless it’s to watch that show only. I am not entertained by other shows.

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@ragingloli You’re not human, so I discount your answer’s worth. ~

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I don’t play video games and hardly watch TV. I also don’t have a smart-assphone. Just a normal telephonic device with a number pad. Okay…and a keyboard. But by the time I got this phone, the basic ones were obsolete. I love board games, making music, participating in an online Q&A community, and thinking & talking about certain societal issues. I like learning. I don’t have sexual relationships, I don’t wear popular name brands, and money isn’t the most important thing to me. Try being 18 in this generation with all of these aforementioned qualities.

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Oh, and I’m listening to Bob Seger right now, not Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, or whatever people my age listen to.

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I don’t watch television.

Except for Cosmos and Saturday Night Live.

I record Cosmos and I watch SNL clips on the internet.

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@dxs I’d be interested to know what you think all these penchants or avoidances reveal about you.

@jaytkay I love Cosmos, too. My daughter and I are hooked on it, and we haven’t missed an episode yet. What do you think dismissing television reveals about you?

@janbb I forgot to ask you something. Is your distaste for the shallowness and mindless violence on television the only thing your decision not to watch it says about you? Is it just your attitude that’s revealed, or it there more?

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@Hawaii_Jake I also think I am highly distracted since the split and I can’t seem to settle into it much; also the complexities and vagaries of cable channeling have me baffled at times.

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Sports. I really don’t care about football, baseball or any of that. I played sports as a kid and even qualified nationally in the TAC. I Ioved playing but not watching. I simply can’t understand why so many people have attached football to their identity. I see time watching or talking about football as time I’ll never get back that could be spent doing something more useful like staring at the wall or memorizing a phone book. Not sure what that reveals about me, I guess I’m not afraid to go against the flow if it does not float my boat.

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I have not had a broadcast TV channel for so long, I don’t remember I know when 9–11 happened I did not have a TV channel, and had not had one for some time. I prefer to read. Seems I like to make my own interpretations of my entertainment rather than being talked down to with a laugh track/foreshadowing moment.

I don’t have a phone that allows more than talking on the phone. (no text, internet, games, etc.) I am not a slave to my phone, and will not stop a live conversation to chat with someone on the phone. If we were at a party chatting and someone walked up and addressed me personally and solely, I would either not respond, or I would remind them that I was already in a nice conversation with you. “I can look you up when I’m freei.e. “Leave a voicemail.” I guess that means I generally entertain myself, and I still believe in common courtesy?

I don’t video game, either. To me it’s boring stress. lol Oxymoron?

I choose not to eat meat because I don’t think my body processes it well, and because I’m against the factory farming of animals.

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@Hawaii_Jake What do you think dismissing television reveals about you?

I’m not interested in popular entertainment or spectator sports. I prefer reading.

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I don’t drink or smoke… I don’t hang out outside my apartment. I don’t hang out at bars.

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There are a couple of anomalies that others find peculiar about me. First of all, I’ve never used or even know how to use an ATM machine, and secondly I have nothing to do with or any understanding of facebook.

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I shut off my Facebook a year ago and haven’t missed it at all. It irritates the crap out of me that I am forced into Facebook by so many other websites, so I boycott all of those, too. I can’t wait until that fad is over.
What does it say about me? I could care less to keep up with people I met in high school, one night at a bar, a wedding, or went on a date with. I don’t want pictures of me popping up everywhere for the rest of my life, and it tells me most people wish they were more important in general.

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@GloPro. Facebook, pfffft! How long did you last? I was under a week.

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Golf. It’s hard to avoid as a middle class older white male. I have friends who go off on golf vacations all over the world. Sounds pointless to me to go to Italy and not have fun because you don’t like the golf course.

And wine snobbery. That is really hard to avoid here in Northern California.

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I do not tweet, twat, twip or twutter.

I converse.

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@ibstubro But do you conversate?

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Hmm…I don’t follow fascist beauty standards.

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No cell phone, no video games, no texting and no GPS.

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Along with what others mentioned— Have cable, but watch maybe 2 hours a month; can’t stand watching sports but am surrounded by rabid spectators- still don’t watch; have never played a home video game—my video game expertise ended with Ms. Pac Man and Centipede. I have to have my phone though, but don’t prioritize it.

Three major things that I don’t subscribe to— I don’t subscribe to the idea that I have to keep a stable job at a negative or abusive workplace just to make money. I would prefer to starve than to work at a place that destroys me. I’ve been there, the money’s not worth it.

I don’t make time for people who are judgmental or expect me to conform to their ideas of right and wrong.

I have zero, absolute zero respect for genetic modification, especially that of humans. I strongly believe the harm outweighs the benefit. It’s a modern form of eugenics—just instead of killing people, we’re moving towards modifying undesirables out.

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I don’t play video games. It’s a time eater and you learn or gain almost nothing from it. Plus the expense of a gaming system… No thank you. I don’t have t.v. well I dont pay for it where I’m at, but I will be moving soon and I havent paid for cable or etc in years. If it doesn’t come a part of the package I don’t shell out to sit on my ass watching ads…

I haven’t paid for internet at home wireless or otherwise for sometime. Wifi or a hot spot on my phone or just my phone work.

I also know very little about the celebrity gossip.

I never buy new cars. They depreciate way too quickly. And I usually pay cash in hand for a car.

I also avoid the seasonal updates of trendy clothes and just invest mostly in quality clothes that personal style. Or thrift shop all the way.

And I tune out with sports, other then noticing physical grace and beauty if its on tv… I just don’t get it.

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I never watched Seinfeld or Friends, or Sex and the City.

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I don’t buy logo-wear. If someone wants me to advertise, it’s either something I got for free, or (even better) I’ll get paid for it.

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I don’t have a smartphone. The dumb clamshell phone I got in college still works, and my phone bill is only $25 per month!

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TV. I rarely watch it and if I do, it’ll be one of the Discovery channels or the History channel or something of that sort. The only non-documentary TV I watch is Doctor Who.

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Like others, I rarely watch TV, and Cosmos is the first program in years that I’ve made a point to watch.

The other thing is alcoholic beverages. I drank plenty in my teens through my 30s, but I started having allergic reactions to various drinks so I just stopped drinking. It amazes me how it is practically pushed in our culture.

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@Yetanotheruser – I just saw your comment, and I often say that the companies should pay people to wear their advertising. The most annoying to me are the handbags emblazoned with logos – and they want hundreds of dollars for them. I just don’t get it.

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Marriage (been there, done that, will never do it again), and heterosexual relationships.

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- An interest in popular celebrities.
What it reveals about me: I likely have obsessive–compulsive disorder for mystery stories, film noir, morbid history and Mafia.

- Sport.
What it reveals about me: I’m too clumsy for sport.

- Marriage and romantic relationship.
What it reveals about me: I interpret things way too intellectually.

- An interest in appearance.
What it reveals about me: I don’t find my look so attractive.

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I buy almost nothing on a retail level that is more than ½ price. Some fruits and veggies. That shows that I’m a bit of a skinflint but, even more so, it shows that I love gaming the system and I’m a near professional at it.

Second hand, man, second hand.

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Twitter. I believe that reflects my lack of narcissism.

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I also don’t use FB, or watch any TV. I do have Netflix.

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Motoring. I dislike cars and feel the world would be a better place without them. Too many roads divide the natural world up into unnatural segments. I have a licence but I don’t own a car and I no longer drive. Cars are dirty and noisy and have turned the pleasures of travelling into the nightmare of commuting.

What this may tell you about me is that I prefer life at a slower pace and that I love and respect the natural world as a gift to be cherished.

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