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What is a seemingly ubiquitous fact of contemporary life you opt out of, and can you tell us what this dismissal reveals about you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) April 26th, 2014

Life in the 21st century is diverse. There are many parts of contemporary life that the masses participate in, yet there are always people who choose to dismiss some activities.

I play no computer or video games of any kind. I have no games of any kind on my smartphone or tablet. When I was a teenager, my parents won an Atari Pong game somewhere, and we hooked it up to the television. I remember playing it, but I don’t remember how much. Honestly, the last type of any sort of technological game I remember playing was something during my college years back in the early 1980s at an arcade. I haven’t played any type of computer or video game for thirty years.

I simply don’t find them amusing. I hold no thoughts as to their worth. I’m glad my children enjoy them. I don’t begrudge anyone the time they spend playing these games. I choose not to participate.

I think dismissing this area of contemporary technological life demonstrates that I need a different kind of interpersonal entertainment. I need to feel engaged with other people. I still greatly enjoy playing cards and other types of games with other people. I love good conversation. I think I need the human touch that I don’t feel with computer or video games.

Fluther is almost like a game to me. It entertains me. I like the idea of gathering information from real people and laughing at some of the questions and answers. We can be a silly bunch at times.

Is there an area of contemporary life in any of the vast array of existence that the majority seem to participate in that you choose not to? What does your choice say about you?

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