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What could be the cause of this?

Asked by fluthernutter (6291points) April 26th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m experiencing itchiness in the tips of my toes, the outer edge of my feet and the tips of the pointer finger and thumb.

Other possibly pertinent information: I’m getting over being sick. Chills, fever, sore throat, aches, and light-headedness. But all of those symptoms are gone (as of twelve hours ago).

I may be stressed? It will be a year since my brother’s death on the fifth. I don’t think I’m stressed out. But my body has been known to respond oddly to stress.

My mom has a history of high blood pressure. But I think it’s more circumstantial than genetic. She’s had a really stressful life.

I had some DayQuil this morning. But no other new medication.

I’m not mistaking tingly for itchy. It is most definitely itchy. It feels like a day old bug bite. Not crazy itchy, but definitely begging for a good scratch.

Any new* guesses?
*Or is it just a combo of the above details?

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Have you had any compression of the feet? Tight shoes? Sat for a long period?

If it doesn’t clear up by Tuesday, check with a doctor. It can be a symptom of more serious issues.

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@zenvelo Oh shoot. You’re right. I thought peripheral neuropathy only displayed as tingling or numbness. Didn’t realize it also included itchiness. That’s not good.

Also, no to all your questions.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Not likely in the finger and thumb and develops overnight. Also not itchy between the toes.

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Not as likely but still possible, especially if you are using them to scratch your feet and you just got over being sick. That fungus can spread.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I think it is more likely to spread to the rest of my feet before it spreads to the tips of my fingers?

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When was the last time your blood sugar level was tested?

Peripheral neuropathy can be connected to diabetes.

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If the itchiness is internal and never satisfied it is a listed symptom of organ failure. I don’t know that it is the only cause to trigger that symptom.

Mine always happens in my extremities but namely my feet. The soles ankles.

I don’t want to cause undue alarm but if it persists getting a CBC should be able to rule that out.

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Please disregard my earlier remark you may find this page helpful, however. It could be psychological as you said.

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Will call the doctor’s office in the morning, but thought I’d give you a strange update:

(About five hours ago, approximately 18 hours after initial symptoms.)
– itchiness subsided to a tingling sensation
– faint red spots developing at the tips of my fingers (but not on my feet)

– weird sensations reduced to both pointer fingers, thumbs and big toes. More so on the right side. Probably because I’m right hand dominant now
– tingling is now reduced to feeling of touching a fluid-filled blister (on the receiving end of the touch), nothing if left alone, but a feeling of pressure and slightly tender when touched, no visible swelling though


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My first inclination was to ask if you have any swelling in your legs or feet, but other people covered that.

What were you sick with? Was it Strep? Cutures positive and treated with antibiotics? Or, was it the flu? Did you take aspirin? Actual aspirin (not Tylenol or Ibuprofen). How old are you?

If you were under 18 and took aspirin I would be worried about Reye’s Syndrome, but it is unlikely. Strep can lead to rheumatic fever, but that is a rash starting on the chest usually and joint troubles. Reye’s is the one that has rash on the toes and fingers if I remember correctly, but usually accompanied by very bad stomach upset. It’s very rare in adults, and when adults do get it, it usually is less severe.

Have you been sleeping in a different place, or in a bad position? The itch could be your spine not resting confortably and you are pinching some nerves.

I think see a doctor since it is following an illness with fever. I think that is a very important part of the puzzle. It may not be related, but should be considered.

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@Buttonstc That was my initial guess. But my husband ran through other symptoms, none of which I display.

@Unbroken Probably not Pruritus, as that tends to generate at the wrist and my wrists are unaffected.

@JLeslie Don’t think it was strep. Probably just the flu. No aspirin. Too old for Reye’s. I always sleep in a bad/weird position—I co-sleep. But nothing new.

I will be a responsible jelly and call a doctor tomorrow later this morning!

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Another thing to check besides sugar might be vitamin B12. You don’t have a thyroid condition do you?

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Well, I seem to have left out some pertinent details. Didn’t realize they were related at the time. My 20-month-old is also getting over similar symptoms. Fever, sore throat, loss of appetite (which I dismissed because of his sore throat), aches and pains. He also had a peculiar rash on his thigh (which we thought was a fever rash). But then this morning, we noticed red spots on his big toes. This pretty much rules out everything mentioned above. It’s seems like some contagious virus.

Then the spots on my hands developed into these weird tiny blisters under the skin. Which made me think of hand foot and mouth disease. But no mouth sores and the spots were much smaller and itchy.

But the pediatrician ruled out HFMD this morning. But she has no idea what it is either. Just some mystery virus!

I’ve never been to the doctor before where they’ve said We have no idea what you have.

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Chicken pox? Measles?

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@JLeslie Nope. I’ve had chicken pox as a kid and this is not it. Plus I think a pediatrician would readily recognize that if that were the case. So weird not knowing what it is!

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I added measles afterwards. I think measles can start on the feet??

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I guess you could try a dermatologist if it persists.

I have had doctors not know and misdiagnose many times.

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@JLeslie I think we are all vaccinated for measles. Plus it’s only the tips of our fingers and toes. I don’t think measles displays that way?

Did you just keep trying different doctors? I think this one is probably going to be self-limiting and will just run its course. I’m more curious than anything else.

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Also, once they became teeny tiny blisters they were no longer itchy.

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I think of measles as being more allover, but I just vaguely remember it starting on the feet, so I bothered to mention it. During measles outbreaks usually there are people who were previously vaccinated who catch it. The efficacy of that vaccine isn’t spectacular, but still good enough to keep using it. I really know very little about measles and what mild cases might be like. I think it is rare enough now that American doctors might be unfamiliar with it. I am not pushing the measles idea, I was just throwing it out there.

I’d be curious also. It probably will just run its course like you say.

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