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What do you think of having idols or role models?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) April 27th, 2014

Does having role models or idols affect personality? If so, how?

How can role models influence lives?

Thank you for answering my questions.

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I think it’s good to be inspired by people – inspired to do more, help more, learn more, be involved in the community more- whatever motivates you.

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These are two very different concepts. An “idol” is something or someone that is worshipped, which is mostly unhealthy. A role model is a person whom we admire and respect, and whose character traits we try to emulate in our own behavior. However, the role models a child is exposed to in early life may have poor character traits that the child learns, and they may need to choose positive role models in order to learn better behaviors later in life. That was the case in my own life.

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As we grow in life we are bombarded with information on how we should think, act and behave. Then someone comes into our lives the exemplifies and embodies all those positive qualities we gravitate towards and then kinda glues is all together and we say to ourselves….I want to be just like them. A big ‘ah ha’ moment when that happens.

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Having idols or role models is a wonderful thing, for people not yet complete enough in themselves to use as a crutch until they finally become whole human beings (as opposed to codependents).

Once they grow into whole and complete human beings they will chuckle that they ever felt the need for such things.

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Let’s ask the catholic church…

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I completely agree with @Dan_Lyons
I may admire others but I have never aspired to be like anyone, other than myself.

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Remember that in biblical legend, idols were thrown to the ground and smashed.

Mentors are one thing – someone who works with you to make you a better person.

Idols, however – no matter how they appear to be perfect – can never live up to your expectations. I would suggest that idolizing a person is a bad idea, as one’s idol will eventually turn out to be human and with fragility and warts.

Idols (or role models) will eventually disappoint.

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I have a number of role models and each one inspires me in a different way to another. I enjoy having people to look up to and I remember, as a child, when things got really tough, knowing that my ‘idols’ couldn’t let me down really helped.

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Role models and idols are like mushrooms and toadstools; they look similar but one is supposedly good to eat while the other is proven deadly.

An idol is someone whom is followed no matter how Boorish, asinine, silly, and mean, etc. they act. To their minions they can do no wrong, the more wrong they do, they may even be more idolized. Idols do not have to exhibit any redeeming traits; they just have to be popular.

A role model is someone who may not be popular or have a following; it is a personal relationship in many ways or at least a goal to be like. I role model is someone who can show you how to enhance your life, not merely have 1 million friends on Facebook. You do not necessarily want to do what your idol does, but you more than likely want to do what your role model does.

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