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Do you think that laughter is the best medicine?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) April 27th, 2014

Why? Why not?

Take a stance, and explain yourself thoroughly.

Your answers are always great.

I thank you for that.

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It depends entirely upon the disease. I know it isn’t stand-up I’ll be looking for should those stabbing pains hit MY chest.

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My sense of humor has gotten me through some of my worst moments, but I also remember how much laughing hurt when I broke my ribs.

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For emotional stress, yes I think it is definitely in the top three of good medicines,

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No. I think Demerol is the best medicine…but Laughter is a darn close second.

Yes, Laughter is a very good medicine. Because it helps you adopt a more positive mental attitude. And most good medics worth their salt will admit that the patients’ positivity or negativity and fear can ado directly impact the patents’ recovery.

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Absolutely, although it’s probably not going to help if you’re run over by a crossed eyed runaway bull.

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No. The best medicine is homeopathic laughter, further amplified with the appropriate crystal—usually amethyst.

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Yes, I have always said humor is everything. Not only is it a great physical release to laugh but it relieves mental and emotional tension as well. Those with a well developed sense of humor tend to be, not only of higher intelligence but also more resilient.
I have been in a funk this year after many years of peace and stability and happiness and make it a point to seek out humor and find something to laugh about.
I miss some of my great laughter riddled moments of the past.

My daughter has inherited my sense of humor and we can get ourselves into bed wetting, tear streaming convulsions over the most inane stuff.
Awhile back she called me when she was going through some stress and her opening line on the phone was ” Sooo, mom, I think it’s time we put the cats in the trunk and drive off a cliff.” lol
We then went on for about 5 minutes about all the precautions we needed to take to make sure our cliff diving was successful. haha
Our improv was great, back and forth, back and forth, effortlessly with perfect timing and wit. ” But wait…we should go for a bridge instead of a cliff and to make sure we don’t suffer while drowning we should duct tape samurai swords to the dash, just in case the airbags deploy and fail to suffocate us first. lol

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Yes. Very much so. Thoughts give rise to physiological effects, so funny ones will do me just fine.

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I align myself with Poe.

Death is the best medicine.

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