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I heard you got accepted to be on Shark Tank. Could you just explain your invention to me again?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) April 27th, 2014 from iPhone

I KNEW your invention was genius! But you don’t have to impress me… You have to impress the investors!

But I’m not sure I remember your idea. What was it again?

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A machine gun that has unlimited bullets and can fire without sound and whose bullets can make people explore and can be shrink to the size of an ant and can be fire underwater!

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Woah. You’re going to need @LuckyGuy’s help for sure.

My invention is a snooze button for kids and dogs. It renders them motionless for 9 more minutes.

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It is an all in one device that will instantly locate your car keys, TV remote, wallet/purse and glasses. I am soon to be a gazillionaire.

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A omni-vector viral disease that has a 100 percent lethality, can not be detected until an hour before death, is immune to any anti-viral agents, and targets humans only.

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An endless cookie jar. Always full of whatever cookie you are craving right before you open the lid.

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A pair of glasses that make plane janes look like 10’s without the use of alcohol. Coming soon…contact lenses.

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A machine that makes guns useless along with grenade full of sleeping gas.

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@Pandora Your invention would put @Mimishu1995 out of business, but I suppose she could sleep it off.

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a Garbage truck sized paddy wagon roomba that emits a riot control gas that eliminates all senses once inhaled for the duration of 3–5 hours. Once second you have violent protestors, the next, a bunch of “sleeping” hobos loitering the streets waiting to be vacuumed into the paddy wagon roomba.

Nice little way to keep the streets clean.

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The vacuum is an excellent addition. Good idea!

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I’m not much for inventing anything…but if anyone designs a new kind of axe or mace, I’ll be happy to test it out.

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A pick pocket goose. Highly trained to charm you while tucking your valuables under their wing. Like this…

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It is an app for tablets/smart phones that acts as a video game controller for the top gaming consoles (a different app for each console). It would allow people with limited finger mobility who can’t control a regular controller to run the controls and play video games.

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A Perpetual Motion Device

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Television wall paint. You just paint the wall that you want to watch tv from and paint. Listens to oral commands.

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@Dan_Lyons I almost hesitate to ask… But what kind of motion?

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Sure, first show me the signed NCND form from every person that might logon and see it, then I know it will stay my idea.

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A wine guide/ activity book called the Choose Your Own Adventure Drink-Along.

Most introduction to wine books have about the same information, and present it in a dry linear style. That works for someone (like me, for instance) who already really cares about wine, and wants to read about the Bordeaux classification of 1855 or different soil types in Burgundy or whatever. But that doesn’t really capture the imagination of someone who’s only kind of curious about wine.

When I was just getting started, books helped, but I picked up most of the information through osmosis. Instead of learning in a straight line, one topic after the other, it was like learning in a spiral.

So this would be a fun and lighthearted book that you could use as a beginner (or a beginning wine tasting group.) You could zigzag across different topics, or skip around, depending on what’s relevant to you. The whole thing would be printed on newsprint, with LOTS of prompts for people to add their own thoughts and doodles. By the end they might not know everything about wine, but they’d hopefully have a good idea of their likes and dislikes, and a general gestalt understanding. Plus lots of drunken drawings of, like, cats and stuff.

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@Haleth I like the idea of including places in the book for notes and doodles. There’s never enough room in the margin!

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@Mimishu1995 Guess you will have to try to kill me with a knife. But my invention has made me rich and I have hired some samurai’s to protect me. I have also invented a hand held device that can give you a quick lobotomy. So no worries. You won’t miss your guns or your mafia.

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