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Why do I see my crush on my dreams, even if i haven't talked to him ever?

Asked by kletsirkk (2points) April 27th, 2014

I have crush from my school. I once have talked to him, but it was a year ago. And we hadn’t nothing to talk about so it was very embrassing to me. Nontheless I have crush on him and i can’t talk to him. I see him many times on my dream. Does my unconscious says to me to talk to him, because I have 50:50 chanche to stay this school, and next year he’ll have his last year in this school?

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Because you’re fixated with him?

If you can talk to other people, you can talk to him. Just pretend he’s someone else. Talking to someone isn’t the same as asking them out. There is no meaningful risk to it.

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Do you talk to him in your dreams?

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I don’t talk to him in my dreams. I have seen that I have followed him at the gym, his’ friends, him following me.

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You’re a hopeless romantic, believing that someday your special someone will appear, eagerly awaiting his first words to you.

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