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How do businesses save energy?

Asked by cr7 (7points) July 3rd, 2008

I hear it in the news and blogs every day- homes and residents are becoming greener and saving energy. But what about the big businesses like plants and hotels, what are they doing? ARe there any regulations on how much energy big companies use?

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Businesses are making a concerted effort to save energy. It makes good business sense, because of costs. As to how, here is one utility’s resource list. There are many others on the Web if you goggle businesses saving energy.

Hotels have made a major green push. For one reason, travelers are asking for it. One of the biggest energy-saving measures they use is getting people to participate in not having their linens and towels changed every day. Here is Hilton Hotels’, a major chain, environmental page that lists what they are doing.

It is the same with manufacturers. Here is a government tip sheet on how they can save energy. Here is just one story on some companies and how they are doing it, like Marvin and Andersen windows plants fueling their boilers with waste sawdust from the factory floor, and there are several other recycling stories in that one news article alone.

As to regulation, that is really one of the main impetuses for business to do their own conservation. They very much want to stave off government regulation.

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There are two key components of reducing energy. Energy efficiency deals with putting in systems and equipment that deliver energy to your building systems more efficiently. Energy conservation is the behaviorial piece – turning off lights when not in use, etc. Some excellent places to learn about energy management in buildings are
1) Association of Energy Engineers
3) Energy Star

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