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How can i recover MS Office password?

Asked by selina (4points) April 28th, 2014

I have lost MS Office password…pls anyone suggest how can i recover it?

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Hi Friends..
It is so easy to return your forget or lost password from your System. You can get many types of password recover tool to recover MS Office password. so don’t worry by the help of
<a href=“http://www.msofficepasswordrecovery.com”>office password recovery tool</a>you can recover MS Word, Excel, Power Point and MS Access password immediately from your PC and it is very effective.

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Looks to me like @jeniferalva and @selina are in cahoots as spammers.

But not very good ones. @jeniferalva doesnt know how to do links in Fluther. ha Ha Ha

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I guess it was @jeniferalva who GQ @selina haha!

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And both @selina and @jeniferalva can’t speak English properly!

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…or at least they can’t speak it the way you do, @Mimishu. Which I’m certain is

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Mods, ip address log?

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