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How grand is the Grand Canyon these days?

Asked by Jrome (41points) July 3rd, 2008

In the days of large flat panel, wide screen, HD television sets and expensive gasoline, is the Grand Canyon remarkable enough to plan a road trip to see it with the naked eye?

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YES! I had seen it growing up on tv and thought it was amazing. Then two years ago I finally was able to go and have not regretted it. Seeing it on tv is nothing compared to being there in person. I would suggest experiencing a sunrise or sunset. It is beautiful.

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Absolutely. It is so impressive, your mind is unable to grasp the scale. Each time you look away and then look back, you are newly amazed.

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If you decide to go, go off-season. The price and long-term availability of gas is certainly an issue for any recreational or non-essential driving these days.

I remember, back in the days when we were allowed to stand near the edge, with just a guard rail (alas, long gone) that the ravens rode the thermals.. I’d see them going up and down in front of me, as tho on an invisible elevator.

You could ask that question about any of the world’s wonders. How many does one need to see in person? I don’‘t know..

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@gail, my greatest hope is would be that I see them all in person.

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Absolutely. Pollution has spoiled the view, but it’s still worth the trip. Just bring some good food, there’s nothing decent to eat around there for hours.

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Yes, yes, yes. No picture, no film does it justice. You absolutely have to be there! The scale, the colors, they are not captured by anything properly.

Because of the pollution, the park service has banned individual cars from the south rim. You can hop on and off buses, though, to have some autonomy.

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Any large natural wonder just can’t be experienced from the TV. Any mountain, canyon, waterfall, glacier or whatnot needs to be seen first hand, to really experience. Large HD televisions are fine for movies, but the difference is lightning or a lightning bug for the real world.

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The first time I saw the Grand Canyon I sat down and cried. If you ever need proof that God not only exists, but created everything in and on this planet, visit the Grand Canyon.

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