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What happened to Super Nintendo's light gun?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) April 28th, 2014

Does anyone still play with one… what was it like? Are any of the games worth playing? The Super Nintendo light bazooka.

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What happened to Super Nintendo’s light gun: they extinct, maybe.
Does anyone still play with one: no, maybe.

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I believe Luigi ran off with it and the Princess and even now Mario rides Yoshi every night in forlorn pursuit.

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The Super Scope. Ugh. There were only a hand full of games for it, and some of those only require the gun at certain parts of the game. Good ones were Metal Combat, Tin Star and Yoshi’s Safari. The gun itself sucks though.
I only knew one person who ever had this, and it was a piece of shit. This thing was very uncomfortable to play with, caused eye strain when you looked through the scope, and shoulder pain if you held it how it was meant to be held. Plus it didn’t have a wire like the Light Zapper did, so you’re stuck shelling out for batteries to get it to work. I forget exactly how many it takes, but I think it was six huge ass bad boys.

What happened to it is, there were only like ten games made for this, and when developers saw that the scope itself wasn’t selling, they didn’t bother to make any compatible games for it, so the scope quickly went the way of the dodo.
You could probably find one on Ebay, but unless you’re a collector I wouldn’t bother. All the games can be played with the controller which works way the hell better. Man years after the demise of the SNES, people were still playing Duck Hunt with the Light Zapper from the 8 bit NES.

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