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Why do people love to travel?

Asked by CrifJohnson (72points) April 28th, 2014

Why do people love to travel? Are there any particular reasons for travelling?

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1. They can see different things in their own eyes.
2. They can learn different things.
3. Traveling brings them pleasure.
4. They can try different things.
5. They are curious of what is out there.

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The best parts of my life have been travel. Great memories, new neural connections made very quickly.

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I have lived in seven different countries on four different continents. I learned more about what made me me from living overseas and visiting foreign countries than I ever learned in any school, university, or graduate school. I also learned a great deal about life in general from seeing the many sights of my own country, the USA.

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Uh…if you even need to ask this question it shows that you lack a curious and adventurous spirit. This world is freaking AMAZING! Who the hell wants to live and die in some miniscule little postage stamp of geography?
Travel is about exploration, curiosity as to how other cultures live, relate, new flora, fauna, mystery, magic and, obviously, about seeing all the wonders of this great big small world.

No offense intended but I can’t compute those that have no desire to EXPLORE their world.

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@Coloma The OP does not in any way belie a dislike of travel. It’s a forthright question seeking answers. There is no opinion in the OP.

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I like it to see new places, meet people from other places, and to not worry about cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry.

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Getting out on the open road packed with luggage and snacks and a destination in mind is one of the great American forms of recreation!
And just getting out driving is awesome.

Sometimes getting away from the daily rut allows you more experimental room in your love making with your S/O.

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@Hawaii_Jake I apologized in advance if my sentiments were off base. I just don;t get those that have no desire to explore their world.

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I think it’s in our genes as hunter gatherers that we feel an urge to explore and go places we have never been. Travel is stimulating and expands the mind. It is exciting, it gives you fresh perspectives on life. It is the opposite of stagnation.

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I love to travel but not everyone does. Some people like to stay home and relax or do productive stuff in their homes.

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One reason is our enjoyment of novelty. It is nice to get away just to see a different arrangement of buildings. One unfortunate consequence of our modern life is how much homogeneity there is. Wherever you travel in the U.S. you are going to see a similar layout of cities, suburbs and shopping malls with largely the same stores.

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Two words: Travel points.

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I go to someone’s place, and someone come’s in to clean my room everyday, and when I go to eat someone brings me a menu to choose from, serves me, and cleans up after me. And I’m free to wander around and do whatever I want all day. You got anything better than that?

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I’ve always loved and encouraged others to travel, especially overseas—and forgive me if this sounds like a cliche—so I can experience other cultures. I think everyone should visit a foreign country. Really changes your perspective about the way you live and how you think about things. One of the best conversations I ever had about American politics was in the living room of a British friend and her relatives.

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Because you will see things that you would never otherwise have been able to see if you never left your house. Beautiful forests, deserts, jungles, cities, architecture, art, atmospheric conditions etc.

You will be able to try new foods that you wouldn’t have even imagined to have existed if you never left your house. There are spices and ingredients that you might not be able to get where you live, even if you have heard of them. But there are also spices and ingredients that exist in other parts of the world that you have probably never heard of. There are scents of foods and flowers and cities that you would never be able to even imagine if you hadn’t left your house.

You will meet people that you could not have ever met if you hadn’t left your house. You might meet the most interesting person in your whole life, and you might make some new friends. Who knows, you might meet the love of your life.

Traveling gives us a new perspective on our own lives. Things aren’t always as we think they are. When we learn about new places and people, we come to realize that are own lives are limited when we don’t travel and experience new things.

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I also loved trying to learn some of the language or, in the appropriate country, use the language I already knew. I remember trying to buy Kotex in a small town in Brittany, when I was very young and easily embarrassed.

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^^ I’d like to hear that story in its entirety : )

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1) Find a female clerk.

2) Use lots of gestures and body language.

(Knowing the words for “blood” and “month” helps.)

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^^ Oy! Did you finally get what you needed?

I can see them not quite knowing what you were referring to and bringing you out a bag of blood, like they use to make blood sausage.

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No, i got some folded cotton material, like a big diaper. Luckily we were on our way to Paris so I was able to make do.

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Ah, to be in Paris in a big diaper…

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You two…hahahaha ^^^^^

Ah Paris in the nappy time.

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I think we should take a special Fluther trip to Paris, where all of us shall wear giant nappies! That would be a hoot and a half wouldn’t it. Who’s in???

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^^^^ Me, me, I am far beyond caring if I look “cool” anymore. As long as I can have champagne in my my nappy, I will be happy. haha

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I don’t really know, its stressful for me. I don’t like to travel for much longer than like.. 3 hours.

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The food! The music! The traditions! The wildlife! The views! The history! The people! The architecture! The adventure!

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I’m sure many people have different reasons for doing it. Some might be interested in visiting a specific place or landmark, while others may do it out of the spirit of adventure.

On a personal level I probably didn’t travel as much as most others I’ve known due to a lifetime of long work hours and the lack of people in my life to enjoy such events with. Even if all is well traveling can actually stress me out greatly, so I need to be in the mood , have a positive mindset and be motivated to visit something specifically.

I love traveling to visit unique places to eat, road trip scenery and visiting more secluded areas over populous ones. I always wanted to visit California for some reason, but I’d need more than a week or two to do what I really wanted to there. I’m also a fan of museums, haunted houses and amusement parks too, and there are many areas in my own state that I’ve never visited yet, let alone in a giant country like America.

Many countries have goofy laws and governments too, so if I would ever visit a foreign country they would be very limited to visiting certain ones. I basically need to feel secure when I’m traveling or I’m not going to enjoy myself anyways regardless of what any place has to offer me. I could never visit an authoritarian country, even if it is a popular traveling destination. Well, those are my reasons and my personal take on traveling.

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